Is there a point to playing anymore?

Terran versus Zerg is fun. I don’t care about TvT much. TvP however is something of a nightmare.

The protoss can be extremely greedy as gateway units are strong against bio early game. Then, splash damage comes online. Disruptors are the least fun I’ve had to play against in a long time. There seems to be very little consequences for a miss and a HUGE payoff for a hit. All the while, the terran’s army is forced back or to scatter while getting shot at. And after? There are a few storms waiting for you if you didn’t hit perfect EMPs.

The terran has to work much harder than the protoss to match them, and then has to exceed them in order to win. On average, I say that you have to be 2-3x as good as a protoss to beat them. The race is incredibly forgiving, rewards greedy plays, and has a devastating end game.

Here may be the most important part. I’m a toss main with a 70% winrate in PvT. Read that again. All what I’ve written here reflects my experiences on both sides of the fence. I seriously can not remember when a Terran who I didn’t think was significantly better than me beat my protoss. These are players with over 300 average APM around D1.

So the question is… is there a point in playing anymore? Terran is just so bad against protoss right now that it is extremely frustrating to even try.


Its pretty unfun that blizzard literally doesnt give a hoot and everyone is quitting cause theres no point in playing the ladder or practicing anymore.


Im having massive fun in all 6 matchups, if you dont thats aight for you but personally I see massive value in spending time on the multiplayer with even-ish winrates in all matchups I play as terran

I agree protoss does need some nerfs