Is terran vs protoss completely broken?

I swear this match up feels so imba to me. I have like a 30% win rate vs protoss (i’m a diamond 2 player). Am I the only one who feels this way? I can beat d1 terran and zergs.



The match up is problematic for individual players on both sides.
As a Protoss, I have 20% ranked win-ratio vs Terrans this season.
There are Terrans who have very low win-ratio as well.

Overall win-ratio on NA D2 in PvT is 52%.
It’s more difficult to find yourself in it, I believe.

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It was problematic, but after the overcharge buff, Protoss can be super greedy, and terran can’t punish with 2 base timings or all ins any more.

Above Diamond? I don’t know.
But in Diamond and below, as a Protoss I die pretty often to 2 base Terran push (siege tanks, raven), even if I have 2-3 batteries + overcharge. In the same time Terrans are establishing their 3rd.

Well, result is often determined by micro/decision making, that’s actually one of more interesting parts in my PvT.

Change ur build order, do hellion harras and go for 3 rax inmediatly after, watch maru or innovation and copy the first 8 min.

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No shi t, you choosen wrong race little jimmy. You have to click protoss on loading screen! Lizard is retarded…

Ummmmm… no it’s not. Toss is not imbalanced. Terran is not imbalanced. And… zerg isn’t imbalanced. No race is imbalanced… I have a post on this in case you want to check it out.

Dallarian - yes but this is literally the only time in the game Terran has an edge. They have to do a 2 base timing push and execute it just right. Any other strategy just loses to Protoss. I hear Protosses complaining they lose to this often, but they don’t lose to anything else right? The match up is problematic if there is only one viable strategy which offers the opportunity to win and all others lose. Terrans do this strat often simply because without it, the matchup is broken.

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There is no such thing like “any other strategy just loses”.
Not in diamond. There is still a lot of room for creativity, strategy and micro.
If you believe it’s the only valid strategy, then please consider just trying other ones, or even play Protoss yourself. I am personally amazed by creativity of Terran players, and it’s my both worst and most interesting match-up.

The only thing I have to complain about is disrupters, I simply don’t have the micro to split my bio to avoid the damage.

I can’t speak for Protoss but I assume ghosts and EMPs are always a complaint.

Storm is my biggest complaint. Can totally wreck your army and lose you the game in seconds. Splits & ghosts are very difficult to use to effectively counter it compared to how easy it is for the protoss to just throw them down. Feels overpowered.

Disruptors are dangerous too but they at least require careful micro by the protoss. If they miss a shot disruptors become expensive units not contributing any DPS, and if they are out of position they can be slaughtered. So dangerous, yes, but not necessarily imbal because they have drawbacks too. Storm on the other hand is so difficult to counter and does devastating damage.

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ghost exist ya know
its like the best unit vs toss
and i kinda agree tvp in u gotta be better then ur opponent or else u have to try really hard to win like multitasking and stuff and put alot oof pressure on toss
once toss reach like colosis disruptor storm like 3source of splash its gonna be a hard game for terran

i no race is actually imba each race has its own specialty and how it works

Yes. See my other posts.


I 100% agree with you. Protoss is way over powered. Im sick of losing to sorry Protoss players over and over again. WTF Blizzard, when are you going to change this balance???