Is it possible to fail the first terminal for Malwarfare?

Oh, i never actually tried it, but yeah, it does make sense for her to be imune to players altogether, or an enthusiastic nova might tactically dispatch her into an enemy base :stuck_out_tongue:

So they do, Aurana prepares to move at like 3:20 on Malwarfare (towards the 2nd terminal, between expansions). Wave 1 spawns at 3:45, generally gets to the base by like 4:15 unless you intercept it. With Speedfreak though and let’s say zerglings, they’ll get there before 4min easily.

I believe from there Aurana starts to move to 2nd terminal at 4:30. So any number of unit-applied-mutators that can affect both wave 1 can have a potential impact on OP’s question. The ones Anc has mentioned including Boombot (1st one at 2:30), Void Rift (1st set of 2 at 2:20), and Propagator (1st one at 3:30) will all have game ending potential. Although, granted that Void Rift has the least game ending impact in terms of its power but combined with the right unit-applied-mutators like transmutation it can get scary quick.

I did that on hard mode with 4 commanders with 4 different games playing a new build to challenge myself. It was for normal mission with no mutations. Try enough it will happen. =D

Can Propagators eat Aurana?

Aren’t objectives immune to Props? (mind you, Mag and Widow Mines have cheesed the temple)