Is it possible to fail the first terminal for Malwarfare?

That’s something even I haven’t done. If so, I’m guessing via Mutations? And if so, which mutators specifically?

It could be destroyed on it’s way to the second terminal but I don’t see that happening right at the first terminal.

Maybe with Transmutation, if you manage to lure enemies to the ship, then make them evolve so they efficiently take it down?

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The one week that was We Move Unseen, Speed Freaks, and Propagators ended more than one game very early.

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Ah, “Aggressive Recruitment” was the name of the mutation that week. Only managed to beat it on Hard.

Nothing is impossible, for the reach of bad players extent far beyond the understanding of any of us.

Ah, reminds me of the games where I’d place a flaming betty to stop the first wave of Zergling’s, only for my Vorazun ally to drop down a cloaking pylon right next to it, forcing the Zergling’s to run right past it and jump right to our mineral lines.


Yes, 20 characters…

Strange. The pylon should not cloak…(damn it, had to look for the name of that annoying character)…Aurana and the zerglings should have aimed at her.

They should have gone for the pylon too, but they probably were on a bigger quest.

As for losing at first lock, it’s easy, just forceattack aurana. Exert dominance and show you’re an independent commander who doesn’t listen to civilians

Maybe possible with the minesweeper + laser drill combination.

There has to be at least one mine nearby. More likely a widow mine for the greater sight range. That might also shoot aurana along with the laser. I have no idea if mines could spawn that near to the first terminal.

Not sure either that there would be enough firepower to take Aurana down during the given time.

Just so everyone is on the same page, the first terminal is actually where Aurana starts. It is within the player’s main.

As such, any and all (most?) mutators will not spawn there and/or have no effect in the safe zone.

The only way for Aurana to die is the stupidity of players. As such, it is entirely possible for a dumb Vorazun player with Dark Pylon mastery to outrange but cloak an ally’s Flaming Betty against Zerglings/1st wave.

There is also a target priority list for the behaviour of a.i… So depending on what is within range/trigger destination, Amon’s minions can go after different things even if the Dark Pylon is nearby.

And of course, we can’t forget the other unit buff mutators, such as Speedfreak and We Move Unseen that can bring an already fast 1st wave to your main even faster.

Looking for details if you will…

Considering there’s still people who lose on the first wave on Rifts to Korhal (due to it hitting you before heroes or calldowns are ready) throwing in a monkey wrench or two from you or your “allies” can still make quick death at the beginning of a mission.

As for failing a mission, I believe one of the records is Temple of the Past in 15 seconds. Mutators were Mag-nificent and Orbital Strikes. Mag-nificent actually spawns mag mines on the temple which immediately detonate causing damage, and if you move your workers to the temple, it’ll cause the Orbital Strikes that will finish it off. Amon would be proud…

If you are counting the spawn point as the first one, I’m sure its possible, but I’m not sure how. If you count it as the point she travels to near your natural, which I was/am, then its quite possible for her to die, from either tower shots or lack of clearing of the attack waves. This can happen if you are a potato, you’re playing with a potato, or if you’re playing in a difficulty that you’re not ready/equipped to play on. Mutators and what not throw wrenches into everything, but I can’t really see a way two mildly competent, fully leveled players could lose, even on brutal. Incompetent players, or playing while inebriated, exhausted, or potato could lead to different results.

That’s what I assumed, hence why I said you had to lure enemies to the base (since waiting for the waves is just making things harder if not impossible), and mentioning Transmutation (that I don’t think is affected by safe zones).
I didn’t look hard for other ways to get a kill that early.

@Cosmo: unless Brutal or Brutal+ unlock the “feature”, I don’t think you can target Aurana, nor can you damage her with splash damage.

with speed freak propagator or boombot or just a game with void rifts it’s possible to lose before the 1st terminal finishes.

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makes me want to try it since its one of the few things ive never done in co-op, maybe transmutation+alarak and push a hybrid all the way to the terminal with destruction wave

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Try them all together: rift, speed, poop, boom, and transmutation. It’s more than a B6. A great challenge.

Do the mutators needing a first wave really come early enough for the first terminal though? I assumed not, that’s why I spoke of pushing units already on the map toward the start point.