Infestor spells


mircobial sheild , its GREAT spell , i love it , it realy a very usefull spell , but it can only be used when one of the 2 parites is backed in to a corrner , so its namely defensive , as this game has a lot of movement .

but taking away infested terran lowers are swarm host defensabitly terriably , like swarm host , who takes up 4 population for pete sake , i guess the it just better we use microbial sheild to protect them with right ?

but for the infestor , id like to suggest we trade neutral suicide , for spawn broodling , i mean teran has yammato cannon , and that spell that ghost cast that , b^#C! slaps a brood lord like hes a wet paper crane .

so , i would like to trade this - neutral parasite for spawn broodling , and it is the same strategy , anti large expressive unit spell type , as with natural parasite , with similar results , as far as spell casters go .

Neural Parasite is only good spell, I would argue the other two not that good.

Micro cloud is only good for crappy anti air units which is queens, hydras, spores. But since stays on ground it only make enemies retreat and come back. Now if it was 25 energy like can keep constantly up which then you can chase with it.

Which going corrupters is always better for anti air.

Fungal is ok but since doesn’t hold and can’t fire when burrowed it’s not that good, lurkers are better choice.

swarm host to be usefull takes up a huge population , they are a seige unit , but only do ground ,

infested terrran was removed from the game

if i am countering mech , which is what there for , aside from looseing a ton of gas and manueeravity , ie , map controle , , how do i defend these , all in unit set up ?

with microbial cloud ?

Only thing I found that works decent is lurkers and swarm host.

Goal is how many swarm host do u send that deals damage but not to many where they can run away and swarm host be useless