Infested terrans

I know that Infested terrans where an issue at the time to balance. But im pretty sure that some extra work or consideration by it can surely make it work. Im not an expert in balance. Neither in the game. But im a big fan. Buyer of all deluxe editions for all ingame campaings and most of the already launched warchest. You see the infestation is a very important part of the swarm in the game. I really enjoy to hear those zombie noises whole the crawl their infested rifles and infested rockets that just makes BCs jump back to their base.

I would like to see them back in the game.


you must talk to stukov himself, he knows where all of the remaining are located


I very much agree. Without ITs, zerg just doesnt feel as zergy and it makes me sad.
Why is the infestor called an infestor now :open_mouth:


they weren’t op in the first place. oh well.


uh, rogue vs trap game 3 gsl season 3 finals

I’m quite sure ITs have been both over- and underpowered at times, depending on the patch, but that’s not the point. If they were op, I’m all for changing the numbers a bit to tune them down (which is very well possible, considering how useless they’ve been for years).
Removing them however took a really cool unit out of the game for no reason (as balance is, again, easily adjustable and therefore not a problem).
Players of the other two races would probably also not like it if e.g. widow mines or Carriers were just simply removed. And those units aren’t any more fun to play against than ITs :wink:


I agree bring back my brofested terrans so my brofestors can be whole again.

I miss them too it was just a fun playstyle what you can do with infestors and stuff. Now the infestor is a very niche unit. A lot of fun and opportunities were stolen from us.

Lol s tfu stupid azz

I hated the infested Terran’s but I think that the problem, as with many spell casters in the game, is the centralization of power onto one unit. We saw this in HOTS with the Raven where ravens could ravage entire armies because of the combination of their spells. The same was with the infestor. It was a combination of spells that put too much power into one unit, and that made it frustrating. It was frustrating on two fronts. First, was that they were free units and second was that Fungal and Neural were also great spells. So you couldn’t go wrong with just making 30 of them.

You could perhaps do something like an upgrade for the Queen where each queen could have 3 eggs similar to spider mines in brood war. That way they are still in the game but in a controlled manner. IDK just a random thought. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just put them back on the infestor.

Well fungal is infestation because it’s like a plague and Neural is mind infestation. So It still infests. Fun fact Infestor didn’t always have infested terrans. They were called infestors because they would infect buildings and produce infested units. But they got rid of that because Infested protoss are just hybrid in the lore and the spell would only be good vs terran. For a bit during the beta overseers had the infested terran ability.

Free units simply don’t belong in RTS. Did you see WOL beta? Infestors could infest terran rax and infested marines would come out of it. Something like that could be put into game and cost like 125 energy or something.

Imagine infestor drop to infest your structures haha. It would not be broken, because it wouldn’t be investment and not easily accomplished. But currently ZERG DOESNT NEED MORE BUFFS!!!

Love these [ ] units don’t belong in [ ] because reasons arguments

Have you ever thought that the reason why Zerg needs free units is because they can’t trade favourably? Especially when up against mech Terrans. If any, Zerg need some buffs and Terrans are the ones overtuned.

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How are infested terrans any more “free” than auto turrets? What’s wrong with these “free” units anyways? For the most part they are pretty easily dealt with as they are not individually sturdy.


I liked infested terrans. Such a shame that they replaced it with the garbage Microbial shroud.

Zerg needed Infested Terrans to trigger siege tanks before Brood Lords come out.

It’s not free is problem but it’s exceeds unit pop.

See I think better option is infestor should make infested stalker and infested hydra.

Infested Terran can produce 2 if its stalker or hydra just one.

You can make were as long they both alive infestor can’t function but cast while burrow.

That’s what they should of done with it.

Stryker i realy like your idea ,

having magic infested terrans makes is possible to exceed supply balance .

in the campaign infestors could infest ANY unit , a spell that id say is 2x as effective as snipe but takes the same role , as that it is best used agenst Large units and not small .

while i feel that such accents make zerg more zerg like , in order to bring it back in id like to see toss get mind control back , as they would essentially be the same spell , just different lore . terran would get the short end of the stick on this one as the 2/3 asymmetrical balance is essential to the feel of StarCraft