Infested terran rework


Infested terran ability was removed for good reasons:
-was able to stack, so made mass Infestor boring (1 dimensional) style the best tactic to use the spell
-was effecitve literally against every army comp
-defended the caster infestors, so it was free to spam

Now I have a way different, much more specialized idea, what could work without spamming it, and could be much easier to counter, but could garantee some new ways to solve some very special situations. So would have non of the above mentioned problems of the old version of the skill.

New Infested terran: Infestor put down an egg near to itself, and connect to it with Neural Parasite. One marauder hatching from the egg with Concussive Shells upgrade and the zerg’s armor, range attack upgrades, stim is always active on it without decreasing HP. It recieves all of the downsites of the Neural Parasite: the range restriction and the Marauder dies if the infestor is being killed.

This new skill would be effective against armored ground units, so it would open new ways for zerg to face them, without the need of enclose them with Zerglings. It would also help to defend Chargelots, Stalkers, Colossi, Ultralisks, Roach rushes, Hellbet defended Siege tanks and Viking defended Thors against Viper abducts.
But it would be absolutly defendless against air units, much less firepower against light units than the old version of the skill, could be defended by attacking to the back and killing the Infestors, and wouldn’t be free value, because you would own much less infested units, and for using stim effectively you should micro them hardly.

I think it would add these and maybe so other new startegies, but would be much weaker, way less spammy, than the older version. Overall it would give new viable strategies in some situations.

Sounds nice bro but such things are not happening more. Sc2 development is for the short term dead

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but IT was also for zerg’s weak anti air.
Ground is not quite as problematic, so Microbial Shroud is an anti air spell that should replace IT.

so I’m not sure about the Marauder idea unless you say I want to change it completely.

like snip in ZvT? snip is still in the game…

Zerg has weak anti air options in an attack in the early game. I think it’s OK, not every race should be equally good in everything.

Why would I change my idea? You wrote no reason for this.

You mean snipE in TvZ? Yea, thats also good against literally everything…

actually, you did that.
for me, IT was with the focus on anti-air.

but you say yourself:

you say anti-air mid/late is ok and the infestor has a different ability in your case infestet Marauder.

What is the problem? Do you want to nerf corruptors for being anti-air units for mid-late game zergs? Why should infested marauders have connection to anti-air?

stay calm, no one has a problem.
I just said that our perception are different.

and from your point of view, an infested unit makes sense, which is limited by atg.

I am calm ofc, why wouldn’t I?