Improving Stukov: Infested Liberators

Infested Liberator improvement has been made.

Firstly, this change was inspired by Maguro’s idea to improve on the Liberators.

They have exceptional attack abilities and defence however their endurance is surprisingly short because they can maintain their cloud form in 1 second.
The Purpose of the upgrade is to greatly increase their survival rate by improving on the Cloud form.

Here are the improvements I have made.

  • Cloud Dispersal is available in default and can sustain in that form for 2 seconds.
  • Cloud Dispersal upgrade now changed to
    “Enduring Virus” Upgrade. This Upgrade increase:
    1.Increased Cloud Speed by +50% (5.07 Speed)
    2.Increased Cloud Duration by +50% (3 seconds)

I’ve experimented on with 16 Infested Liberators (without weapon/armour upgrade) against 3 Air Compositions; 1. Sky Tempest 2. Sky Terran 3. Devour Scourge

Without Upgrade

  1. Sky Tempest: 13
  2. Sky Terran: 12
  3. Devour Scourge: 13

With Upgrade

  1. Sky Tempest: 14
  2. Sky Terran: 15
  3. Devour Scourge: 14

The upgrade has well improved their survival capability,
another experiment was run with the 16 IL with Full upgrade and except for Devour scourge composition all 16 IL survived with little damage from the same composition.

Original Post

So, Infested Liberator is an interesting unit.
She has two weapons

  1. Viral Swarm (Ranged) which does shoots a bile then does 4 more attack (so 5 attacks in total). The ranged attack is replaced.
  2. Cloud Dispersal (Melee) the Liberator turns into a cloud and does melee damage. This upgrade replaces the ranged attack.

What I am not sure is, why Cloud Dispersal is not a standard attack for the IL? Why give Viral Swarm (ranged) weapon when it will be discarded/replaced with an upgrade?
I also find it weird that the IL is highly unfit for combat if it wasn’t for its Cloud Dispersal.

I am going to do some experiment on this.
I am thinking of giving an ability of life leech, Doubling Duration Or simply give 100 Gas. Any Ideas?


An ability to safely charge toward enemy air units and serve as a safer approach to trigger that 85% reduction without pressing a.


An ability to gain the same dmg reduction via hotkey instead of a move.

I saw what you’ve implemented in the video and I recommend you (perhaps) test it again with shadow tech+ fatal attraction.

The IL do that already, or do you mean that they are rendered invulnerable with charge and then protected with 85% damage reduction? Can you clarify?

Don’t they stay in Cloud Dispersal form for however long they’re attacking already?

Honestly, they work fine for their purpose, which is AA. And their cloud dispersion makes them quite tough and splash well. Really not much more to ask for.

Anything additional to that would just be increasing the attack speed, but that is a fine line with a lot of functional units where you might make them overpowered.

The Cloud form has indeed improved, they stay that way until enemy air units are dead.
However the problem is if the enemy air enemy is bit too far away, they quickly revert back to Liberator form rendering them vulnerable to attack from those Air units and anti air ground units.
So endurance was still a problem as it only lasts for 1 second (not the durability).

My proposal is to primarily promote better survival rate by lengthening their cloud form duration. When they complete destroying their enemy, they can retreat quickly (with improved speed in cloud form) without suffering too much damage (Extended Cloud Duration).

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I agreed that their offense is fine but still their endurance needs some tweaking.
From my point IL has lack of endurance from Stukov’s Mech Units.

  • infested Banshees can burrow to regen
  • Infested Tank can regen by devouring infested
  • Infested Diamondback don’t have this by makes up with Versatility, Mobility and Cheap price.

IL’s Durability is indeed incredible and I have no complaint but their sustaining time needs to be improved regardless.
They can sustain Cloud form for 1 second and even if enemy is little faraway they change back to liberator form immediately.
Increasing their sustain power still makes them susceptible to damage and they will need repair but I believe their improvement won’t render them overpowered but appropriately useful.

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Well, I don’t know… when playing Liberators losing them is pretty rare occasion in my experience, their durability is on a very high level in current state.
But I’m playing regular Brutal mostly, maybe things are different in mutations.

I think it depends how you control them.
If your defences are fully upgraded, even Sky Terrans are quite easy to kill.
But if you miss your control and the IL revert back to its Liberator form, they will get shot down enmasse.

From my experience, they do great against air units and I use them to hit and run. If I stay too long, I lose lot of them and it hurts to lose lots of gases (Maybe not, I can build Bunkers anyways hahaha).

So I’m only saying just increase the Cloud duration time to 3 seconds and speed to 50% and leave the 85% durability and attack intact.

Still curious about the result from shadow tech+ fatal attraction with new ILs.

The IL is stunned and its Cloud form is immediately dispelled.
It takes less than or full 1 second to revert back to Cloud form.
I suggest to use Diamondbacks and Explosive infested to deal with air units instead of IL when it comes to Fatal Attraction.

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