If we have a broodwar commander in coop would they be op?

Stukov P4 with broodwar units, instead of infested compound sending infested terran, you have a drugged Overmind sending zerg units with timed like.

Barracks: Marine, Medic, Firebat
Factory: Tank, Vulture
Starport: Valkyrie, Battlecrussier

Apocalisk is the same, Alexander call down is not infested, similar to hyperion.

Zagara: Seriously???

Yes, but they are located so clamped up that you can’t harvest all of them at once and will have your workers running around mostly instead of harvesting.

Very seriously! P0 Zagara obviously trades with Amon, and that can get really difficult at times. It’s tuned such that if she has a semi-decent ally and it’s a standard Brutal game, she can trade and win very easily. Sometimes that creates the impression that P0 Zagara is strong, but the problem is that if you try to solo missions or pit her against mutators that change the equation (e.g. Just Die, Avenger, Aggressive Deployment) she can fall off rapidly. And when she does fall off, there’s a limit to how much you can just put in more micro to compensate – most of that will rest on the hero unit.

P1 Zagara accentuates that. It allows her to trade and win a bit further, but removes her key tool for fighting losslessly (the hero). It’s in a decent place because 1) it can trade and win in a lot of games, so in those cases you have a point, and 2) it hard counters a lot of mutators, so has a good place in a lot of mutation duos.

P3, on the other hand, improves her ability to fight losslessly without needing an economy. It can be pretty good, e.g.

tl;dr: “exception that proves the rule” kind of applies with Zagara.

Aw, my bad, I didn’t know about this method of proving things. Gonna use it all the time now. See me try.
All even numbers are divisible by 10. Take 10 for example. What, you say that 6 is not divisible by 10, while being even? Well, yeah, it’s true, but exception proves the rule.
Oh, I’m gonna enjoy this rule A LOT, thanks.

Yeah, it’s a silly phrase that ironically wasn’t supposed to mean what it’s used by people to mean now, and is really easy to misuse. Zagara is an example where the phrase makes sense though… but I was kind of using the phrase in irony here.

If nothing else:
1- to hear them neigh (they really did sound like horses in BW!)
2- modern PCs should be able to handle the sprite count. Seriously, "invisible H.A.L.O. Rockets that do “0 damage” was amusing at first, but got old real fast.

Bonus, they can give them back afterburners since we don’t need to worry about the same type of balance as in versus/ladder!

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