I'd like to try 1v1 someday

Hello there…

I’d like to play some 1v1 but I’m too scared to try… if I can beat the AI at highest difficulty can I stand a chance at the lower leagues?


Its okay dont be scared. I was like that too before, scared to play online opponents but slowly but surely you ascend the ladder. There are many people like us stucked in the lower leagues but playing the game is super fun. You should try out next time. Dont be scared to lose because somehow you will win.


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Ladder anxiety is pretty common, I wouldn’t worry too much about not being able to beat max AI computers. You still might be able to land in a solid gold.

Just go into ladder games with clear goals in mind that are separate from winning. Go to learn, go to have fun, go to experience a different play style, and see what your opponent comes up with.

If an athlete treated failure in practice like a failure in a real game, they’d be too devastated to ever practice. Ladder, and Unranked are practice. Tournaments are the game where you can engage max competitiveness.

ill play ya , i play as many firendly matches as you can stand , by firendly you can do what you want and i will take over the map , but wont hit your main .