I wish Dehaka had a prestige similar to Apex Predator

When I first saw the Apex Predator Prestige on Zagara my initial thoughts was that this prestige thematically feels like it would make more sense on Dehaka. All of Dehaka’s prestiges nerf Dehaka in some way. However I feel like that would be one of the best commanders to have a prestige that is basically"Combat units cost more, the main hero unit is more powerful". But instead of just copying that, I had this idea. Not that coop is being worked on anymore, but just in for theorizing.

Zerus Ancient


Stat gains from Essence are increased by 200%. Dehaka gains an extra 10 levels. Deep Tunnel Cooldown cut in half and all of Dehaka’s cooldowns cut in half. And it also adds a new skin to Dehaka to fit with the extra power.


Primal Pack Leaders are unavailable.

Do you think this is a good idea for a Dehaka Prestige?

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I think no pack leaders is too small of a con. I say you can’t do primal combat on your units. Coz the biggest stabilizer for Dehaka is when he gets his fully upgraded mutalisks.

Do you have any idea for more cons? Or maybe Stat gains increased by 100% instead of 200%.

So we’re building empty nests? :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

Pack leaders are so good that nobody would ever use this prestige unless they’re just messing around

Currently, dehaka still gains stats after reaching level 15. having 10 extra levels won’t change anything if he doesn’t get new abilities or upgrades to his existing abilities

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My only request is if they could implement a few more abilities. Perhaps another one or 3. Dunno what though. In lieu of that, upgrades to his existing ability could be in order. Have a 4th level for ones that only go to lv3, and 2nd levels for those single level ones. Perhaps Scorching Breath has 2 extra charges, and does 30% damage to air units.

They’re still prereqs for his T2 and T3 units.

I never use his Mutas. However, I am a fan of Guardians, so there’s that.

What exactly would be needed to make this prestige powerful enough without adding pack leaders? There could also be alternative ways to balance this prestige.

Yeah, but normally, the pack leaders spawn into them, and leave while summoned.

then how do you handle air waves?


I usually use Swarm hosts or sometimes Tyrannozors for air or sometimes wurms. Dehaka’s swarm hosts are basically like free scourge generators and can decimate air like nothing.

Zagara gets a prestige that buffs her because her default kit is mostly focused on her expendable swarm of living bombs.

Dehaka’s default kit is already focused on Dehaka himself, so his prestiges focus on weakening him in favor of other units.

What you’re asking for is just non- prestiege Dehaka but as a prestige.