I think zealots should cost 75 instead of 100

i think 100 mins for zealots are a bit expensive, thinking 75 is good enough


only if they cost 100 again once they have legs
otherwise i would say you’re out of your mind, frankly

against zerg this would be the most trollolololol screw all your expos clown fiesta for the ages. the amount of times you just need to build zealots against anything the zerg player does and it doesn’t matter one bit is staggering. just wreck every building they own and win with tons of runbys all the time. you dont even need to build air or anything else, it’s that stupid in mass.

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NEVER, that is sooooooooo IMBA, 12 pool-NOPE, “100” is not expensive, trying having TWO BASES and then they are dirt cheap.

zealots can cost 100- otherwise to many cheese and stuff- BUT they can give them +2 attack if charge rdy and a it more health

most sould be a ghost and bane vs probes nerf + a colossi buff

protoss players are pathetic

zergling are a mineral only unit
and so is zelot

zelot has a pop of 2 , 50 sheild , 100 health

zergling 75 ( per team ) pop of 1 , pop fo 2 that be 145 health . that is " 5 " health differnt from 2 pop worth for 100 in zergling .

zergling have a buff in dammage as there are several of them , but zelot matians its dammage till the end , where as ling drops off , at 16 per shot . as 4 lings do 20 dammage , they drop off in units of 5 .

close combat , these units are nearly the same .

compared to the maries , he is at half damage ( 6 ) , gets range (5) can shoot air ( huge + ) traded for , increased population density value and polishes it off at low health pool . … kinda , he is 5 over id argue , but hey not gona be perfect .

Biggest problem is a.I lings run around we’re they give free kills a lot

It’s just lack of early options. Sentry at 100 gas is brutal for what is basically an energy caster only. Literally toss has to rely on buildings for the beginning of the game. Your earliest good dps is a cannon.
I would trade better early game zealots for worse late game zealots in a heart beat.

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This would cause problems with cheese.

I’d rather the Charge upgrade gets reverted to the +8 damage, except make it do +2 damage with another +2 for each ground upgrade.

Which should have been the fix for that dumb 8 gate warp prism chargelot all-in.

Right now, the zealot is not in the greatest place. It’s basically a tanky zergling and has all the same weaknesses in a race that can’t really afford those weaknesses early on.

so are terrans and zergs. they cry cry cry and yet still have more championship wins in LOTV than protoss. get over yourself kid.

100min for zealots is fine.

the only thing that makes me mad about zelot , and i play zerg , is the sheild to hp ratio . its an up front unit . it should have a huge sheild reserve and lower health reserve . should have like 160 sheild and like 40 to 60 health or something .


in the current metta the do out produce zergling 2 gateway + crono vs 1 hatch + queen .