I really want to play Zerg, I really do

But the current state of zerg is horrible. I understand they need to mass Queens so they dont lose, but thats so tedious and boring and not fun do that every single game.

On top of that, they dont feel very zerg like. Their units are too expensive. BW zerg felt better and they had less units. I get sick of the terrible pathing in BW or I would play that game more often and choose zerg.

Hydras just dont feel fun.

Lurkers are too expensive and slow.

Zerglings fall off late game.

Nydus is too expensive for defensive transport use. Gone are the fun Nydus Canals.

Zerg suffers from poor design in the game.

back in BW zerg was designed like this: Expensive upgrades, not expensive units.

In SC2 zerg not only did they take that away but the rest of the race is also designed poorly. In SC2 its: Expensive upgrades and expensive units. Along with other aspects of the race this is designed poorly.

Protoss in BW expensive everything and terran was the middle ground.


Nice one. Fastest siege unit in the game. I almost thought you were serious until that line. ^^


That and ‚ÄúZerglings fall off late game.‚ÄĚ

Lol, what game is OP playing? How many reapers and banshees and cyclones do we see in late game in the pro’s? Somewhere between extremely uncommon to None. Maybe one cyclone. Mass zerglings are ultra-useful throughout the entire game, and Pros use them right though to the end. And mindlessly easy to use as on a-move. A-move Speedling runbys are devastating to expansions, even late late game.


yeah because people get the 200/200 upgrade for them right?

maybe if it increased their HP as well similar to the marine’s combat shields they might. but if you have nothing else to spend the money on may as well get the upgrade

Complains about how zerglings dont scale well, but also doesnt upgrade his zerglings.

Yeah, ok. I think I found your problem.


Are you serious :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Dude, come ON.

And as someone else mentioned…

What on earth are you even complaining about? Please never play Terran and try to siege with Lib/Mine/Tank (which you often need all 3 of and are like 1/4th the seige speed of Lurkers).