I may not be a genuis

I’m sorry, but Zerg has air units that shoot air and ground, Terran has a liberator that has virtually no air to air damage, and while it has decent ground damage has to be frozen in place to do so. Zergs has air to ground mutas that fly 5 times faster and do way more damage to air to air, and they can be flocked, in and out in a second too. Terran has to buy two separate air units, one shoots air only, one shoots ground only, Zerg has one air shooting unit and a ground shooting unit that do 5 times the damage as Terran’s air and ground air units. Zerg has zerglings that hatch 5 times faster than a marine, turn into banelings that can kill 5 marines, (or more) each in a half a second, and move quicker than marines. Terran has a “Ground only” Maruader, and an air and ground shooting marine, while Zerg has roaches, and hydras, and zerglings, and bandleings, and lurkers, (kind of like a tank but with more damage output than a tank) and Ultralisk, and … on and on… How in the world can you call this balanced is what I want to know… Don’t get me started on Protoss vs Terran, one nova shot can kill and entire marine army in a split second, and you call this balanced???

I think you should have just left it at the title


LOL, I know that Terran is a micro race. Micro is the name of our game. Seeings how we are out numbered in unit abilities, out manned in unit variations, out gunned with unit strikes, I guess that means we are the best, baddest, fastest, and all around do more with less race there is!!! : ) Oh, and btw, I do just happen to be a genius. lol Sorry to burst your bubble. I can’t micro as fast as necessary to be a pro at this game, I’m not bad, but I just don’t have the time to spend to get to that level of micro. It is a fun game, I love it. I play about one-two games a day. But I still would not call this a balanced game.

Let us list terran units that counter mutalisks

  • Every single one beside the Viking, even the static defense

There, hopefully this has been a comprehensive enough guide as to why you are posting on this forum instead of doing stem cell research or getting rich as a market analyst.

Let’s look mutas can’t go one on one it needs to be 2 1/2 unit up. So kill 10 marines need 25 mutas witch is 50 pop.

Vikings can go toe to toe against hydras and can win as long upgrades are higher which is not hard.

Plus once u get even bigger group it come out on top.

Vikings destroy all Zerg air units. Only time my mutas destroy huge Viking army is when he landed I attacked. By time he got up I destroyed more then half and then fight was 2 to 1.

Terran don’t need anything

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Terran is not a micro race. Terran is a defensive race.

You’ll need to defend marines with marauders and tanks and medivacs.
You’ll need to hide behind your tanks in a concave to shoot what attacks your tanks.
You need upgrades to make your units worthwile (stim, armory for mines so they are invisible, emp so the toss army doesn’t roll over you).

And most of all:
Start trying to trade effectively, scout a lot and don’t get supply-blocked. Stop trying to win the matches. You will win anyway at some point. Why not have fun and/or improve? What does the game actually give you? Motivation? Great!