I know how to fix Microbial Shroud

Have it work against all Ranged Attacks, sort of like a weaker Dark Swarm. The problem with using Microbial Shroud is that it only works with Hydralisks, and you need all the Hydralisks you can get, if you are facing off against Carriers. If the Protoss army is a hybrid of Carriers plus something else, let’s say Stalkers or Colossi, the mass Hydralisks will be countered quite badly, since you want to max out on them, without any other Units. If Microbial Shroud works against all Ranged Attacks, not only will it make more sense, thematically and practically, it actually becomes logical, because why does it only affect Air Attacks only? Aren’t Air Attacks Ranged Attacks from the sky? This will really resolve all the issues with Microbial Shroud, and if it is too tough for the Protoss to face, they can always rely on Psionic Storm.


this is one of the worst ideas i’ve ever seen. Zerg is already in a fantastic position with all the buffs they’ve been receiving. Microbrial shroud is already VERY GOOD no need for it to change.

All the buffs? How is microbial shroud very good? Can you be more specific?

Micro cloud is dumb because it depends on enemy being stupid to trade vs retreating.

Plus’s they forgot that infestor needs cheap spell

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microbial sheild only works on the defensive , i rarely use it .

would like to trade it for a mass blood lust , i think that be nice .