I am a new player can you give me some tips on zerg?

I want some tips about how to kinda maybe kill zerg as terran in 1v1 and 4v4?

my idea was that i could learn better from zerg players on how to beat zerg in general really

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Use queens. Hit injext and creep tumors. Do the extractor trick at the beginning to get 2 more drones out, before making first ovy.

what is an ovy?
I’m just adding filler so it can be over 20 characters.

Overlord. Gives more supply.

Go watch Vibe’s Bronze to GM 2021 Zerg series. In like a few hours you will have all the basics down.

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when i play terran vs zerg i just proxy rax and bunker rush. Meme drop. AFK libs. ez game.

Don’t play Zerg, worst race. Seriously.