I am a new player can you give me some tips on zerg?

I want some tips about how to kinda maybe kill zerg as terran in 1v1 and 4v4?

my idea was that i could learn better from zerg players on how to beat zerg in general really

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Use queens. Hit injext and creep tumors. Do the extractor trick at the beginning to get 2 more drones out, before making first ovy.

what is an ovy?
I’m just adding filler so it can be over 20 characters.

Overlord. Gives more supply.

Go watch Vibe’s Bronze to GM 2021 Zerg series. In like a few hours you will have all the basics down.


when i play terran vs zerg i just proxy rax and bunker rush. Meme drop. AFK libs. ez game.

Don’t play Zerg, worst race. Seriously.

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Keep droning as much as possible, so you can get such strong economy that you can get a much better army quicker and great macro. After my coach teached me this, I improved my wins against each race by at least 5%, with an extra 10% with terran on average.

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As a terran you always want to have at least a small army moving around while you macro.
(build workers, depots, build marines / hellions, hit the timings for gas and upgrades)


  1. Hellion / Battle Cruiser (BCs)
    → Get a factory with a reactor asap (skip the reaper)
  • depot on the ramp; same SCV builds the barracks after that and then the command center (cc)
  • gas right after you started the barracks (add the 2nd gas after you started the 2nd cc
  • barracks production: 2 marines for a bunker in the natural or scout the map for overlords and proxy bases, then a reactor (for the factory), then a tech lab for the starport (BCs)
  • factory: non-stop hellions (move out with 6-8, add to your control group)
  • starport asap once the factory is done (get the tech lab from the barracks once the starport is finished and build a banshee)
    → fusion core asap (right when the starport is finished)
    → 3rd gas in the natural (not sure if that’s too early or too late so if you lack gas, take the 3rd gas a bit earlier next time and if you have too much gas, you took the gas too early)

“Baby steps”:

  • Day9 mental check list excercise (original videos from years ago)
    → practice building SCVs while you move around with your hellions (use control groups for production!!!)
    → Control groups are very important so ask a high diamond or masters player about control groups and which ones he uses BUT only use like 2-3 of those.
    Using control groups is like brushing teeth. If you try to brush your teeth with the other hand, it will be weird / slow for a long time and something small as changing how you build workers is huge, actually, because it will slow you down for weeks.
  • Don’t focus on micro - only macro, attack move or just rather move and stop instead of a-move. Retreat, when you start to take damage, repair and come back with more stuff.

If you still have problems with zerg, just listen to The Beatles:
All you need is lo… splash. Splash is all you need. :wink:


P.S.: Feedback is appreciated: Please write about what helped you the most (or which part did not).