How Would You Rewrite StarCraft's Story?

I would tweak Legacy of the Void units. How the heck can they give us other Broodwar classic units like Dragoons and Reavers but not the Scout (even though the Taldarim still use them). Artanis in BW was a scout, if you are gonna go down the nostalgia train with dragoons and reavers, you got to include scouts.

Phoenix and Mirage too similar, just give Phoenix double lift and phasing armor make purifier unit, and give us the Auir Scout.

We could also use more unit selection in HotS, and it be nice if HotS selections weren’t permanent. Would be nice to train primal zerg variants, and have option of some classics BW units like Guardians.

I know it’s been explained to me a bunch of times, but I’ll always find the treatment of the normal Colossus really weird in LotV. It gets its introduction mission, but is then suddenly replaced with the Purifier and Tal’darim choices. No love at all for the normal Colossus.

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That isn’t unusual.

Purifier is basically colossus +1. Similar thing happens to the zealot since both the sentinel and centurion are just straight upgrades. Meanwhile the Aiur zealot has a completely different weapon.

If you avoid going to the war council you can actually play with the default un upgraded unit variants the whole campaign.

Only use for Taldarim in WoL was an excuse to do some TvP missions.

Just like Zazz death in SC1 Overmind campaign was an excuse for a ZvZ mission.

Just like Aldaris supposedly starting a civil war (and not even mentioning to any else Razagul was enslaved) in the BW Protoss campaign was an excuse for PvP.

Sometimes the conflicts fit the general flow / current of the plot, and sometimes they shoe horn something in for gameplay reasons.

Not just this. It introduces the fact that the Dark Templars are a real threat to the Swarm, which will be important in Ep III to underline the Conclave’s stupidity. Without this mission the player would be doubting Tassadar’s decision to risk everything for them.


Perhaps you’re right. At the same time you could have written it where the Overmind was able to bring Zaz’s brood back into the fold without the ZvZ mission (though it’s actually not a bad mission).

But I suppose I generally feel you’re right after considering your point.

Sure, but this is a “Show Don’t Tell” situation : the Culling mission shows you that the Swarm is indeed vulnerable when their command structure is hit, such vulnerability would have been harder to conceive for the player if it was resolved offscreen.

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Well they are essentially justifications for those matchups. That being said… one is well written, the other is WoL Tal’darim.

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I’ve said it a lot while back that I would have rewritten the Tosh and Rebellion arcs so that the two overlap.

Tosh states that he will help take down Mengsk, so actually follow through on that by having him take part in Matt’s rebellion missions. Heck, you can still have Tosh drop out of the story by having him stay behind on Korhal following the Media Blitz mission to continue messing around with the Dominion.

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I rewrote the opening cinematic in a thread a while back. I was pretty happy with it.

Anyways as you guys are well aware I’d go full on cosmic horror with the Hybrid. Blizzard kind of toyed with the idea but never actually committed. That one hybrid short story with people writing in blood and slowly going insane was really good though.

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Agreed. The Tal’Darim being intorduced in WoL was just lame excuse to have TvPs when they could’ve kept it mostly TvT/TvZ since Raynor’s fighting the Dominion. (as well as Kerri’s Swarm)

The SC2 Protoss overall needed better storytelling. Whether it be the Tal’darim or the Shakuras Protoss, they felt so pointless until LotV.

I say this as someone who loves my protoss.

For allegedly being a mighty powerful alien civilization they are really a bunch of losers.

  1. Tassadar loses to Kerrigan twice, pre-infestation, and post infestation (okay he was fighting zerg on Tarsonis as well not just the Sons of Korhal but still).

  2. Overmind invades Auir

  3. Even after Overmind is slain, Auir falls to Zerg.

  4. It takes an ultimate one off trump card to save Shakuras

  5. Protoss lose multiple skirmishes with UED and the zerg, culminating with Artanis fleet getting wrecked in Omega.

  6. Taldarim get out flanked over and over by a rag tag group of rebel terrans with only 1 capital ship commanded by an alcoholic

  7. Safe Haven

  8. Kaldir, Narud’s Taldarim

  9. First Daeelam invasion of Auir

It’s really only after Artanis and Karax bring the Spear of Adun online and get an OP arkship that protoss start winning, instead of just barely surviving.

Even the a large portion of Taldarim Death Fleet gets beat back by the Dominion on Vardona. As the Spear of Adun was not present for that battle.

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This line right here is the perfect story for the Zerg. This should be the main story of Heart of the Swarm. Your idea sir deserves some love.

Truly feel sorry for the Tal’Darim. They exist for the sole purpose of getting the a**es handed to them by pretty much everyone else. These guys(as well as the protoss in general) just can’t catch a break.

I forget who it was that said it a long time ago, but I’ve always agreed with this person when they said that the reason the Protoss always get their butts whooped is because theoretically, they should be destroying their opponents and taking over everything relatively easy due to being so technologically advanced. As a result, they have to suffer crushing defeats one after another just to keep everything an even playing field.

Imagine if the US was in a major war and had some super powered Avengers style hellicarrier BUT kept it parked in some random airport hangar. That’s basically what the protoss did in BW. They just left Spear of Adun sit in dry dock.

Fighting their way to the Spear then leaving for Shakuras on the Spear, would have been much better strategy than opening the warp gate to Shakuras, allowing Zerg to get a foothold on the planet, and nearly causing the end of both the Khalli and Nerazihm civilizations (if not for a one off Xelnaga Temple trump card).

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Not in BW. In the First War. They couldn’t access it by the time BW was happening.

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They fought their way to the warp gate mission 1 of BW. They couldn’t have cut a path to the Spear?

Edit: In their defense I will say they didn’t intend to let any zerg get through the warp gate. Maybe the warp gate was closer. After further thought I suppose it is not an unforgivable plot hole or military decision to go through the warp gate . With benefit of hindsight going for the Spear right at the start of first mission in BW may have been better option though. I do think it was possible for them if they wanted to go that route.

And yes conclave could have activated all 3 arkships in the Great War against the Overmind. But the conclave are written as idiots.

Artanis and Zeratul are written as having some intelligence.