How Would You Rewrite StarCraft's Story?

Well done friend!!! I am amazed by your theories and details!

Your points and plots are spot on. Although I dont have any problems with the Prophecy angle, it could have been made better. I agree with you that StarCraft story is all about the space-themed military theatre of war type with betrayals, nightmarish wars and constant loss of important characters just like SC1 but if they want to build a Xel Naga Prophecy story, they should do a more darker, mature and militaristic story rather than a hollywood casual romance angle with Jim and Sarah.

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I got that impression as well.

She finds them annoying. She’s a zealot, not a fanatic.


There’s some Khali zealots on this forums though that really don’t value Nerazim lives at all. They know who they are.


Insert Charmed and Shakuras argument

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Cerebrates > Swarm Queens. If there was a way to bring them back to SC2, I would have done it. Especially Daggoth, who was criminally underutilized.


I actually liked Zag and Niadra.

Niadra felt very old school and while Zagara is far from my favorite, I think there is nothing wrong with her.

Except the “vision” conversation.

In a (sadly useless) concept for a final campaign (Zerg-Protoss-Terran) for SC1, I had this idea:

Kerrigan never got really infested. Instead she’s in some sort of Cocoon somewhere, and the Queen of Blades is a Zerg unit using Kerrigan biological data and Zerg bio-engineering, controlled specially by the Cocoon that create a link between the Queen of Blades and the real Kerrigan, altering perceptions or attempt to react in some way during the transmissions.
That would constitute an experiment of the Overmind to slowly infest psychically a being without physical infestation, thinking of the Protoss, assuming in that story the fact Protoss cannot be physically infested is canon, and also create a being that would be able to corrupt without infestation others into becoming parts of the Swarm.
Considering that in SC1, the Overmind wanted to merge the Protoss into the Swarm (something that definitely got retconned by SC2), that could make sense.
If Kerrigan ever got out of the Cocoon, she would be able to spawn Queens of Blades probably, thanks to an external Zerg parasite armor/shell/thing (still keeping the idea that she don’t get physically infested).

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We actually know a bit about it all. Artanis and Vorazun are busy trying to hold their society together. The Golden Armada wasn’t ready much longer before the event of LotV.

Kerrigan were so busy taking out a whole lot of Hybrid. She managed to exhaust the inexhaustible resources, that’s it, the Zerg.

Mengsk was busy on so many things. Getting more Hybrid and play the puppeteer for the main event of WoL. In addition to ruling an inter planetary empire under siege.

The lore is a bit more complicated than that. The book flashpoint which bridges the gap between WoL and HotS. Basically, Valerian was hunt like a fugitive for this entire time since the end of WoL till the decision.

No! Worst idea, ever! Did you play the Original game? Mengsk is a genius. Amoral one, but brilliant, nonetheless. The problem with his rule should be how immoral it is, not how effective he is.

A lot of people suffer, while many prosper off their blood. That’s whole reason why Mengsk is an interesting character. Do NOT take that away.

Praise Arcturus!

If you are going to do hybrids, they probably could have done a better job of maintaining their aura in Legacy.

WoL (okay they kind of killed the aura in utter darkness) MAR is a powerhouse in the Zeratul mission, and the hybrid in the secret mission is pretty menacing; your terran weapons can’t even harm it . In Heart of the Swarm they are able to psionically attack primal Kerrigan. They are very threatening to the player.

But in legacy you just kill masses of them. They lose their aura.

Sure protoss weaponry is best suited to injure and kill the monstrosities. But they could have made the hybrid a bit more powerful and less numerous.

Personally I think that the SC story was good up until the dumbness that began in Episode VI of SC1. Thus I’d rewrite parts from there.

  • Very valid point with the Dominion coming to power for some reason. Following the UED’s conquest of the sector the Dominion was definitely the biggest loser of the conflict.

  • The protoss allying with the zerg against the UED seemed to have little basis on logic. This ‘eternal conflict’ between the two ended quite abruptly, despite Aiur still being overrun with zerg. Surely Zeratul or someone else would see through the matriarch’s unclear mental state.

  • The other factions of the Terrans would get some screen time. The Kel-Morians are only even mentioned once, in one mission. Umoja never appears in Brood War, despite existing as its own entity. To defeat the UED perhaps these factions would ally with the swarm rather than the severely-beaten Dominion. (Let alone the fact that Kerrigan’s greatest enemy is the ruler of the Dominion…)

  • Following the retreat and destruction of the UED expeditionary force, the Dominion would not come to power in any sense. If anything Kerrigan would hunt Mengsk down first. Should this not happen then any of the other terran factions could, relatively easily, crush the weakened dominion if they wanted to.

  • Stukov would not be infested or resurrected, nor would the Aleksander or any UED vessel that attempted to flee the sector. Stukov has always been my favorite character, ever since I first played the campaign when I was a child. But the infested Stukov simply seems strange; I’d omit it due to personal preference alone. He also doesn’t have a place in my ideal plot later.

  • Assuming the Dominion holds some of its ground, and maintains its status as a nation after the Brood War and its direct aftermath, Mengsk probably would rule his nation differently. In Brood War there was no real evidence of Mengsk being a bad ruler or the Dominion being a bad place to live. I see the bastardization of the Dominion as a plot device for WoL; if the Dominion seemed fine then the rebellion based on personal reasons would simply seem stupid. (if only HotS was written with this in mind.)

  • The zerg making their presence to secure the Xel’naga artifact is fine to me, since there is no other real reason for their presence otherwise. (Assuming Kerrigan let Mengsk live following the Brood War then the zerg would make themselves present for that alone.)

  • WoL is kind of all right to me, but due to previous plot changes the primary clash would be between Raynor and Kerrigan. Raynor would not forgive Kerrigan so easily, and there would be plenty of pressure from his troops and comrades on the Hyperion for him to do away with her. I find it a bit silly that everyone was so accepting of his decision with her after all they had lost to the zerg, except Tychus (and even then, Tychus opposed him due to his deal with Mengsk).

  • The Xel’naga artifacts would be acquired for sale to the Umojans from various holders, such as the Tal’darim, the zerg who got their piece first, and other groups to enrich gameplay. The Umojans would in turn sell the artifacts to the Moebius company, run by Duran.

  • Duran would be named something with different letters at least. He would still run Moebius, but he’s a human man from Tyrador. He would have read of the Xel’naga and seek to create a race in their image- that is, the hybrids. The Raynor-Kerrigan conflict would persist into the HotS campaign without the Xel’naga artifact making an appearance.

  • The WoL campaign would end with Raynor defeating Kerrigan in some way or another; she would die at the end of the campaign. The HotS campaign would focus on rebuilding the swarm and defeating Raynor. There would be conflicts with ‘greedy’ nations trying to take over previously owned Swarm worlds; there would also be more conflict against the protoss trying to relcaim Aiur. At some point in this campaign Duran would be rediscovered, as he tests his hybrids on the Swarm.

  • LotV would follow the ‘quest’ to reclaim Aiur. Amon would make no presence or mention over the course of the entire story. Duran’s hybrid force would be destroyed, Aiur retaken, and overall ‘peace’ would be restored.

Overall the LotV and the end result of the HotS campaign are loose ends. I’m not entirely sure what they’d accomplish in the end. I haven’t played the LotV campaign since the story’s progress past HotS simply does not interest me.

But there’s my spiel about the story. I might add more if I think the latter 2 campaigns through more. Edit: I forgot to mention that the primal zerg are not mentioned or seen at any point either.


If this doesn’t bring Gradius back, nothing will.

Lemme try :



Nah, for whatever reason my ex never bother by people Willy-Nilly reimagining the StarCraft II. No matter how much they mess up the lore.

At the time, no one knows or could’ve known that Raszagal was corrupted. For the Dark Templar, she was their leader for millennia. Also, your ‘eternal conflict’ started just a couple of years ago. And it wasn’t joining force with the Swarm as a whole. It’s just a splitter group under seemingly reformed Kerrigan.

Wait, if they could join force with the Zerg against the beaten Dominion, why can’t the Protoss join force with the Zerg against the UED?

Moreover, I have no idea what would the Zerg benefit from such alliance? They’re already winning so hard. Also, the Zerg is killing everyone indiscriminately. One of the reason why Mengsk could stay in power is the Xenophobia. All the other faction fear the Zerg and view him as a necessary evil.

It was her sick sense of sadism. She wants to see him struggling. Trying to come back up, so that she can knock him down again.

So basically what happens in WoL, but with an extra step?

Some good points here, but-

Also, your ‘eternal conflict’ started just a couple of years ago.

By this i meant moreover the relationship between protoss and zerg. My term was poorly picked.

Moreover, I have no idea what would the Zerg benefit from such alliance? They’re already winning so hard. Also, the Zerg is killing everyone indiscriminately. One of the reason why Mengsk could stay in power is the Xenophobia. All the other faction fear the Zerg and view him as a necessary evil.

If the zerg did not benefit from an alliance then Kerrigan wouldn’t have united the sector against the UED in the first place. It was a very necessary alliance since Kerrigan’s swarm probably could not defeat the combined might of the UED and the enslaved overmind alone.

Plus Umoja is not seen to have suffered from the swarm at any point. The Kel Morians lost minerals to them but as far as we know that is the extent of it.

So basically what happens in WoL, but with an extra step?

Yes, I had to rewrite the story from Episode VI up. The point is to remove the whole Amon arc. As I said previously I think WoL is mostly fine in terms of plot.

Yeah, my point is that from the Protoss’ point of view, the conflicted wasn’t that long. So bandding together with an old enemy to take on a new threat is not that strange.

So when exactly is this alliance suppose to happen? After the event at the end of Brood War, Kerrigan has no need for any ally. And the Dominion wasn’t really being beat until that last mission.

Sure, the Dominion was push very hard, but they’re still the strongest Terran faction at that point. Not counting UED, of course.

To be honest, I don’t know the extend of their suffering. I doubt that the Zerg just left them alone, though. I believe both faction are also in trouble, we just never see any because they’re not central to the story. At least, that’s what I speculate.

So what is the point of having this extra step, then? I’m just not fan of putting some plot just for the sake of it. It makes the story complicate with no pay off.

I mean it’s your fanfic you can add it, but if its redundance and lead to no where. You better off leaving thing as is.

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The whole story of Starcraft 2 needed to be rewritten to match Starcraft 1.
One thing I’d for Zerg is the reemergence of the Overmind through Kerrigan.
During Kerrigan’s most victorious, assured, and arrogant moment in power - the Overmind’s will manifests. He then reveals to the shocked Kerrigan that as long as one cell of Zerg exists, his Essence, will never be destroyed.
The Overmind then strip Kerrigan of all her agency, then through her womb, the salvation of the Swarm will be born. The Perfect Son of its will, the King of Blades - Adam. (Kerrigan will die as a result - and because of her sin against the Overmind.)

*I always see the Overmind as a twisted imitation of God. The Overmind will use his loyal son to redeem the Swarm, and to finally integrate the Protoss within itself.

*Also redesign the Starcraft 2 Zerg models to look more like Starcraft 1 Remastered. It is appalling to see SC2 models so cartoony and spiky, whereas Starcraft 1 is a perverted version of it’s original hosts. (Hydralisks, Zerglings, etc.)


I agree that this should have been the canon reality, but it got destroyed in SC2 by the introduction of primals and other things.

For the rest, I’m not sure, but that’s a matter of taste rather than logic.

Protoss don’t have an over-inflated ego and self-confidence that would prevent them to see what happen right under their nose (that they don’t have by the way). :crazy_face: