How to replay In Utter Darkness

Its been a while since I played SC2 and I think the UI has changed for selecting missions…

Can someone tell me how to replay Zeratul’s vision mission: In Utter Darkness (last stand protoss mission) in campaign?

I am having the hardest time finding it in the “master archives.”

I can’t access the full master archives since I had started a new campaign to get some achievements, but I think they should be normally in the list (that’s how it is when accessed from the Hyperion), it’s just that there’s absolutely nothing visually to tell them apart from the other missions, so you would have to look carefully.

There are no Master Archives in WoL. That’s why.

If a mission isn’t in the Hyperion archive, that means it wasn’t completed the last time you played through the campaign.

Unlike the master archives of Hots and LotV, WoL’s Hyperion archive is an exact snapshot of the most recent campaign playthrough.

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