How to play against Phonenix in PVP

Can anyone explain to me how to play against phoenix in PVP? I have come to realize I have no clue what I’m doing .

Maybe a link to a VOD or a coaching session online on how to counter phoenix builds in PVP? Thank you.

Get things that shoot up. They can’t lift archons. Tempests can murder them if you have econ lead or infrastructure to produce them. What exactly u having trouble with? Post replay

Sit stalkers in your min lines with cannons and shield bats. Take an earlier third, and get archons then hit a timing attack with chargelot archon. It will be difficult for them to hold.

Assuming you didn’t go Stargate yourself and have a Phoenix Arms race, Blink Stalkers are fine against them at low count, eventually you want to have Archons.

The basic problem I have is that they have like 7-8 phoenix and I can put 4 stalkers in each base but the phoenix just pick up the stalkers and kill them. Essentially it’s very hard to get a fight where I have an equal number of stalkers facing an equal number of phoenix because the phoenix are so mobile even with blink. If I lose enough stalkers his main army just rolls in and cleans me up. If I decide enough is enough and push out the phoenix are extremely useful in defense just picking up units . I really am not sure what to do and have just changed to playing Stargate every game but I hate it.

Maybe some who is a high level player could post a replay of beating a phoenix build.

If you do archon chargelot with a bunch of gates they shouldnt be able to defend it well.

Greetings. As protoss when first seeing phenoeix show up (usually 3 or 4) you can zone them with a few stalkers. If you’ll move out then 2 cannons in mineral lines go a long way. When moving out you’ll want archon stalker chargelot. If the Phoenix get offensive you can run away when they come then blink under the phenoeix. Theyll most likely run away letting you snipe 2-4. They’re not cheap and cant attack buildings so if his supply is extremely high in Phoenix (30+) then it means he has practically no ground army which means archon stalker will beat even a basic tiny ground army. If facing phoenix disruptor which are gas heavy units then at this point you should have your own air. And remember air armor is OP vs Phoenix. I usually kill the opposing protoss before mass phoenix because they cost alot in the early game that you can be offensive and make them almost entirely defensive or theyll lose the game. Keep them starved with their expensive phoenix and you’ll eventually be able to toss units at them at losses and still win as theyll be starved.

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