How to ladder on Wings of liberty

I am getting back into sc after a couple years ago and can’t find out how to set it back to wings of liberty. Cant stand this new version, there is no such thing as early game anymore. You do what you think is early pressure and 1 minute later there are Tier 3 units on the field WTF!?!?

How do you set it back to wings on liberty?


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to be blunt, wings of liberty no longer have ladder. the ladder is entirely for legacy of the void now.

They removed the WoL and HotS ladders, sadly there is only LotV :frowning:

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WoL and HotS are permanently removed from the ladder. You can play custom melee games with those rule sets but that’s it. If you want to ladder on SC2 for the rest of its support, you have to play LotV.

How to play wings ladder? Well, first you need a time machine.

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Damn, I got sniped!!

i do not play ladder anyway but, it is true that they removed the wings of liberty and heart of the swarm ladders. here is a suggestion however(if blizzard is reading this): allow players to choose what rule set to use in ladder matches. for example if a player choose wings of liberty, all other players matched with that player is forced into a wings of liberty match. in other words: it prioritises the oldest ruleset selected.

I feel your pain, it sucks that they ruined SC2 for everyone that once loved it so very much . ='(