How to hold timing or allin attack by ZIA?

Good day to all!
While playing ladder, I ran into a problem in MA PvP. I can’t fight off the allin or timing attack of ZIA in any way, playing stalkers and disruptors. I add 2nd robo and robo bey according to the standard, when +2 is ready for an attack by 50% (if I’m not mistaken in the buildorder). I tried to add disruptors earlier, but the earlier I tried to add disruptors, the faster the opponent attacked me. I fought under a superbattery, we were equal in macro.
And here are my questions:

  1. Is it worth adding adepts with glaives/adepts without glaives against ZIA?
  2. Does the early templar mean anything when scouting by Phoenix?
  3. And how to properly def all this?
    Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile: