How to give a Unit 2 different models?

You know, like how the Dark Templar can have a Polearm (2 edged blade) and a Sword (1 edged blade)

I wanted to give the Ghost a chance to spawn in like the Dark Templar but instead of it being 2 different weapons I wanted it to be either a Male Ghost or a Female Ghost.

Currently I have the default Ghost Male model planned and the Frontier Ghost for the Female model planned.

Let me know if anyone knows this secret and knows how to put it into another unit besides the Dark Templar! <3

I tried to look into the Dark Templar, but it seems complicated.
There’s some stuff in the Actor, but also in the model, that use not only .m3 files, but also .m3a or so it look like to me.
I’m afraid I don’t have the tools to investigate further.

I was hoping it was just a trick in the Actor, but sadly, it’s unlikely.

Its pretty simple for the Dark Templar case. In model data in the data editor, the model entry for the dark templar has set variation count to 2 and path set as Assets\Units\Protoss\DarkTemplar\DarkTemplar.m3. SInce the variation count is higher than 1, the engine will actually look up for files called soemthing like Assets\Units\Protoss\DarkTemplar\DarkTemplar_00.m3 and Assets\Units\Protoss\DarkTemplar\DarkTemplar_01.m3 and throw a coin toss to pick one of them.

The ghost already has the low chance to spawn a female ghost, but it does it via a complicated series of effects.

Just reimport the m3 files with the filename convetion used by the dark templar and set the variation count. It wont be perfect but less complicated if you are only starting in the editor.