How to get Viking to attack Air/Ground simultaneously?

I am trying to tweak Mengsk’s Sky Fury to attack both air and ground at the same time in all forms.

I enabled both air and ground weapons and enabled the target filters to attack both areas but it doesn’t seem to work.

Strangely, even though I removed all weapons, Sky Fury uses their weapons normally.

How can I get them to attack ground and air at the same time?

Only way I know is to create 2 weapons, just duplicate the current one, add it to the unit then enable settings on the weapon to allow 2 weapons attacking at once. Each ground/air plane simultaneously.

When duplicating weapon:
Don’t duplicate the Damage/Launch missile effects or any effects, only things you need to duplicate are the Weapon and any actors attached. For the second weapon, enable Weapon Option: Continious Scan and Hidden so it keeps trying to find targets while other weapon is in use.

A unique idea btw, P.S I’ve made this before.

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Thank you!
Actually I found another way, I clicked off “Linked Cooldown” from Weapon Option and worked like a charm haha.

Also, how do you enable your weapons or abilities to target random units? For abilities I ticked off “Best units” from “Flag” tag.
How do you make it for weapons?

Thank you very much

“Only Fire at Attack Target” will allow weapons to attack other units other than your target.

Additionally, there is also “Only Fire While Attacking” which allows your unit to use your weapon when it is moving (must check “Moving” option) or otherwise engaged in another process than attacking.

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Thanks Cata that did help.

Ontop of previous recommendation: There also is the new ‘slowning’ movement option, which enables bw-muta-like attacking when moving. Really funny

To enable that also do: (Basic) Weapon: Options^ + and play around with those it basically has all you need to enable what you want. despite of course haveing the weapouns.