How to enable Zagara's Regenerative Acid?

I have done everything I can to make the ability happen but it remains locked and inaccessible.
I need to implement Regenerative ACid for Zagara to run some experiment

Have you checked the requirements in Data? i would remove requirements for this upgrade.

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Another thing, for some reason the button doesn’t show at all. It is as if it was locked or hidden (I tried to find it but no success so far)

Try to find it in abilities. It must hide under buttons.
If not, then add it.

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Is there any helpful links for me? I am totally lost

Nope, Don;t worry I got it under control
you are right, it was about getting rid of the requirement. I just had to find the right one to get rid of.

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Good to hear you resovled the issue.
And note that all campaign upgrades have such requirements.

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You really helped me from the pickle. Thank you very much!

Experiment done. The result is good except for the orange heal effect that causes lags.
They appear too excessively that cause lags.

Thanks a bunch, this experiment wouldn’t be possible without you :slight_smile:

That orange heal thingy is likely created by an actor created by the heal effect (just in case you wanted to get rid of it)

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Ah no worries already got that solved!