How to Deal with Pure Turtle Toss as Zerg


I am around 4K MMR and I went against a frustrating Protoss player who opens up forge expand into a hidden 3rd. I tried bane busting him with little success and then he turtles up to skytoss. I am quitting this game but I need closure on how to beat this strategy. Here is a replay for reference. Ignore the bm.

You can see my replay at spawning tool. The number at the end of the url is 69724.

you dont, you uninstall this game and never play it again


i am also struggling against toss atm.
what I saw at Lambo:

  1. 3 base → 66 Worker into different timing push. even I like hydra push.
  2. 3 Base → 66 Worker into 4/5 Base late game: ~4-6 Ultra, 20 Corrupter, 2-4 Viper.
  3. 12 Pool → win or go back to 1 or 2.

I find Turtle is generally a hard case because it becomes a patience game as a zerg. until the map has no more mineral or toss attacks.

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16 hatch
16 gas
16 pool
double queen

=> allin if it works trashtalk if it fails trashtalk and leave

my go to zvp order. Works quite well since 90% of toss dont know you can attack befor the 30min mark…

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It’s important to hit timings.
→ vs. Voidray opening you need to hit a ling/bane/hydra timing to deny / destroy bases or the toss gets too rich.
There is also a double adept opening, chargelot allins (often with wp + 2 immortals or with a couple of voidrays) so a baneling nest at like 4min doesn’t hurt.


  • Just try to survive with lurkers & queens.
  • 2-4 ultras, like 6-12 broodlords, 2x4 or 2x3 vipers + mass corruptors is pretty good)
    Also get defensive upgrades asap once you see the air transition!
    → The “lowko maneuver” (parasitic bomb on the carriers, then hug them with your corruptors is pretty good; better with fungal of course).
    → See Lambo videos for explanations.
    → The most important part about lategame is that you should NEVER get too many squishy units (like infestors + ravagers), if the toss is going for a few archons + HTs + mass carriers.
    → A ton of spores also really help - zergs can turtle pretty well until the toss gets a few tempests with +damage vs. buildings and maybe a few disruptors.
    → Vision is really important: Search for the toss army and incoming attacks!

watched the replay. nice scout on the ninja base. Wow did toss build a million cannons.