How to deal with BC rush in PvT?

or just BCs in general.

When they rush them out toss is too weak to do anything.

When it gets into late game, if you dont have an air army you lose cause toss ground sucks.

Scout early using hallucinations.

If you don’t have a stargate, then blink stalkers will be great against BC. Archons are pretty decent as well but might have issues chasing BCs down since they are ground and have a short range.

If you have a stargate, VRs will shut them down when you use prismatic alignment. Another alternative on this route would be tempest.

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Agree with op that bcs, despite some poeple laughing , can be a problem for Protoss, at least at lower levels like mine (Diamond)

Agreed with Kyrie to the solutions. Just reiterating it my way:

1- Scout early and kill the terran before he builds many bcs. Terrans to get bcs must invest heavily. If you scout its bcs (or haluccnation, observer or my preffered way some early prism harass which scouts and forces terran to show his units), you should be able to rush blink and kill him with blinkstalkers in his period of vulnerabiliy,when he invested in bc infrastracture but still havent build many bcs. (or at least contain on 1 base, be wary of hidden bases then).Alos putting 1 shield battery per mineral line will minimize dmg from teleporting bcs, as logn as their count is low.

2- If its to late for that imho you need stargates, otherwise bcs will just harass non stop, retreating to dead space before stalkers, specialy wiht Yamato
What I do is go void rays with speed + lots of observers over the map to detect approaching bcs. It often works. I guess tempests also could work , but for me they are to slow. However if Terran reaches 10+ bcs your chances as Prottos are slim. He will divide the bcs, teleport all over the map, kill your income, then kill you. I try to kill Terran before , or at least starve him out so he cant reach that stage.