How to Counter Terran marine rush?

My friend convinced me to start playing starcraft 2 again. I used to only play zerg and was getting nowhere, so for my first match back after a long time I figured I’d try Terran.

It was then that I had the hiLARIOUS idea to zerg rush but with terran marines (it’s not that original when I look online, but at the time, neither me or my friend had ever heard of it).

I won quickly, and after the match my friend was PISSED. He complained that I only knew how to build one thing and produce one type of unit and that I didn’t actually win cuz I was being braindead.

Is there a counter to this strategy that I may be told so I can get him to stop being so salty?
Thank you!
(EDIT: My friend also mains zerg, so is there anything that Zerg can specifically do to counter the strategy as well?)

What kind of marine rush is this?

there are more kinds? Well, by the end of the match I had four barracks all producing mass amounts of marines and nothing else combat-wise

4 rax proxy marines then? Honestly it’s a hard hold if Zerg plays standard