How to counter mass void ray?

It seems that Viking could not do anything to void ray, how to deal with it?

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Vikings are surprisingly bad vs Void Rays, since the Rays now have the speed upgrade. I would say get Marines + Drilling Claw Mines + Turrets + Medivacs/Vikings. Hope that the Protoss flies into a clump of your mines by mistake and loses half his voids in a second.

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I heard cyclones and marines are good. Poke the voids with cyclones, cover them with marines.

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Mass vikings in even supply is fine, mass marines seems okay. You can probably use widow mines, I believe that any terran unit that shoots up will be able to deal with the voidray. The voidray seems kind of weak against terran tbh.




Harstem has a great video on this right now, KEVIN. lol. Anyways you forgot about the mass libs. There definitly a good counter to mass rays, trust me on that, had whole fleets of rays wiped out in seconds due to the libs splash damage.

My friend Winter,
If you split your void rays against liberators, then you win easily the fight.


at the level that people mass rays people dont know how to split or magic box