How to beat late game Chargelots?

What units should i be building to counter mid-late game chargelots? They are so cost effective that they completely wreck my economy while the main armies are fighting

  1. Don’t have production gaps where you don’t produce anything. Never.
    (#1 l2 issue for terran)

  2. liberators and buildings near your 3rd base (like a supply depot wall and a bunker)

  3. widow mines with drilling claws or hellbats with blue-flame

  4. a few BCs (teleport back, snipe warp prism, kill the chargelots)

  5. more SCVs & production (stimmed bio with medivacs and good upgrades totally shred through any amount of chargelots at chokepoints)

  6. I would say that map awareness & scouting as well as constant SCV and unit production is what you should focus on.

If you want more specific feedback, feel free to post a replay (i.e. upload your replay(s) to and then post the


TL;DR: build SCVs & widow mines & get important upgrades on time and if the widow mines aren’t gonna cut it, ranged liberators most probably will.

You need a bunker on your b3 and sometimes leaving 1 lib on harassment spot, 1 Or 2 mines
A lot of turrets to protect your bases

But you dont want to play lategame vs toss so better scv pull if you dont know what to do

Bunker / depot wall

Especially when attacking

Widow mines are super helpful vs chargelots! They are super cost effective :slight_smile: Try using them! If you notice a lack of gateway units go back to tanks and check for SG.