How this meta not been nerfed or fixed

literally 99% of my games are 1 base rush all in gimmick builds

this isnt an exaggeration. every single game i play my opponent 1 base rushes all in, or if im lucky its a 2 base timing attack but theyre clearly have zero intent on macro play and wish to end before you know actually playing the game

how is this fun for either party? the 1 trick gimmick players arent learning or improving. when they fight a competent higher ranked player they will fail. so theyre not ranking u theyre staying hard stuck in their lifetime peak/plat gameplay

how is this a thing? how is that rewarding? is it the illusion of pretending to compete in a competitive environment? I dont understand why players refuse to learn and improve and instead consistently just spam cheese after cheese after cheese. they do literally the exact same build every game every race it doesnt make a difference to them because theyre not playing tactically theyre using the only 2 brain cells they have available to them to execute the least effort recquired build

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If 99 % of your games are like that then just learn how to defend that and enjoy easy wins :+1:

I dont understand it either, though I certainly don’t get anywhere nearly that many.

More than likely, it boils down to the rushing player finds it fun because they win a lot with that build, and associate winning with fun. Which, you know winning is fun. Some people just dont care how they win.


likely the player who started the thread is in gold league, gold league is full of one-base players who don’t know how to macro. Honestly it is a good learning experience if you are a macro player, since you get a wide range of tactics but none of them are well executed or have any follow up.

I don’t think this is true at gold league, I think the players just enjoy certain units so rush them, but they don’t enjoy macro as much.

Just beat them sooner, scout them. Or If it’s one base then you should be able to defend their push and then have more stuff than them (don’t let them expand easily) and then you’ll overwhelm them with more stuff.

You can beat them. The game is balanced enough where it’s 100% possible for you to defend if you play properly (micro/etc) you might have to use your workers to attack a little and then send them back to mine when they’re at around 60% health as to avoid losing them but still use them in a battle you might have to have the enemy units chasing one of yours while you attack them with range. Etc etc… but there’s definitely ways you can win!

Gold league. That right there is why you’re running into this dogwater.

Once you get into high plat and beyond you get more macro games. It sucks, big time but there’s a reason why gold league players do 1 base allins, because they literally can’t handle anything more than 1 base, maybe 1.5 bases worth of production and units.

i play in plat and sometimes low diamond as i said in original post

i dont pretend to be good at the game but i know im better than these gimmick rush all in autism ridden apes

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Sounds like you are in silver

If you’re better than all these gimmick strats, then maybe if you stop whining like a little girl and stop losing to the same thing, u wouldn’t be on here crying about it. You don’t see me crying every time someone all-in me. I had to learn to defend different kinds of strats and chaos climbing the ladder.

I Should just cannon rush you…