How the leviathans are born, fan theories

well I have glimpsed some 4 options
1 In the final stages of a hive cluster it “implodes” and the buildings and creep merge, making its rol of organ more explicit but what looked like a flayed animal on the planetary surface of a planet, now contracts to form a organisms capable of interstellar travel as the last stages of the zerg reproduction and wake propagation
2 The hatcheries have a fourth metamorphosis in which they rise on the soil to become behemoths and finally grow enough to become leviathans
3 worst of the three, the infestation of ships and asteroids give rise to the later development form of the mass of infestation in a
sophisticated and coherent superorganism
4 they only hatch from a giant egg


I prefer the second option.

Do you mean how the Zerg reproduce them or how they first came to be? I’m pretty sure that the Zerg infested and already exists Leviathan first.

If it’s how to make more I like the Asteroid idea.

I believe that there is a canon answer to this (found on the wiki). Leviathans were once a separate species that were infested by the Swarm.

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the idea is how it reproduces new leviathans the infested can be cloned in hatcheries, for example the rovelisk (dog infested) or aberrations (infested humans) but the leviathans are too big it would be not very elegant to follow the same system
and a part of the zerg life cycle similar to that of jellyfish that start as polyps and after detaching from the reefs to swim could be integrated, this would be the analog in the option with the zerg after reaching a state of maturity the hive detach to colonizing other planets since leviathans can produce other zerg as a hatchery

I like the giant egg theory, but I think a cocoon is more suited. I read a fanfic called Princess of the Swarm, and I really like the idea there about leviathans being heavy investments of a broodmother. I imagine Zerg broodmothers would select an entirely new plant to colonize and then sort of ‘absorb’ the available nutrient of that planet to create leviathans of massive proportions. Maybe Zerg does this to late stage colony worlds where keeping it gives no more strategic value and thus the ‘life’ of the planet is sapped up into a leviathan

I believe in the power of larvae

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I personally like the “Kerrigan grows them out of hive cluster buildings” theory myself.

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