How many Protoss are needed to Psionically dominate Kerrigan

In the mission with Hybrid, a Hybrid Dominator was capable of psionically dominating Kerrigan.

Which brings to question: How many Protoss are needed to achieve the same feat? Would Archons be enough? Dark Archos? How many of them would be needed?

Also, if they could psionically dominate Kerrigan, why didn’t they do it?

We don’t know. There are numerous stuff that the Protoss could do, but don’t…

Hybrid Dominators psionically kill Kerrigan. Theoretically, a couple of them working together could probably pull it off, but they have better, more direct means of attacking her than that.

Could regular Protoss accomplish the same feat?

On an individual level? Almost certainly not. Their psychic powers aren’t really wired for raw kinetic energy manipulation like terran psychics, so a lot of what they do is either amplified by technology or a manifestation of their telepathic powers. Psi storm falls into the latter category, for example.

I suppose some high templar or dark archons could cause her serious grief with the feedback ability, given how much energy she has. That might be the same thing.


I believe Hybrid has much of the same kind of psionic ability as regular Protoss; just in a much stronger sense.

If a suffice number of them get together and work on it, I believe they could achieve the same effect. How much is the ‘suffice’ number, though… I don’t know.

Which brings to question - is only 1 high templar needed? How many high templars would be required to achieve such a feat?

If High templars are not enough, then what about Archons and Dark Archons? How many would match a Hybrid Dominator?

I mean it would be quite interesting to know how this mind domination thing would work - currently I’m thinking of a what if scenario where Amon simply gathers all his Hybrid Dominators, sits down, waits for Kerrigan to come, then proceed to psionically dominate her into submission

Or the Protoss accomplishing the same thing with their high templars

The answer is 4 and a half.


Back when the lore wasn’t a joke, I think most people assumed a single archon had way more than enough to overpower Kerrigan.

You’re talking about a fusion of natural psychics culminating in an energy being so powerful that it can only exist for a short time, and comparing that to a human that was turned into a zombie.

But now? Don’t know & tbh don’t care.

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You mean Dark Archon right? Standard ones were always more stable.

“More stable” being relative in this case.

I ignore Ulrezaj’s existence.

Not what I meant. Archons still burn out. You don’t really have veteran archons from 500 years ago still hanging around. They just last longer than Dark Archons.

Well, I thought that goes without saying.

So if the Protoss really wanted they could sacrifice a few high templates to utterly wipe Kerrigan? Then it makes it confusing why they never did that in the first place

I guess Archons would also be stronger than hybrid psionically?

Kerrigan is a command strain, while she is plenty formidable on her own she’s also never going to be on her own. Good luck getting enough high Templar to dominate her past literally the entire swarm.

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They kind of did that once already, though. It didn’t end up very well for them.

Hate to rant but in WoL both Mar and the hybrid in the secret mission are super intimidating. The hybrids are strong enough to threaten primal Kerrigan .

But come Legacy of the Void you’re killing 3 to 4 hybrids an attack wave. Okay it actually makes sense that protoss weapons would be best suited killing hybrids. But it’s still overdone and hybrid lose the aura they had. Story wise less hybrids but stronger hybrids would have been better.

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We all agree on that. They could even tied it to the story saying that they’re extremely hard to make.

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Yeah, perhaps more could have been done to explain the characteristics of the Hybrid and what makes them so terrifying. When the Protoss were just massing Immortals to wreck hybrids the Hybrids lost their imposing factor

This is true, but at the same time, any time the hybrid show up, theyre the ones who are most likely to break through your defenses and actually kill you. Nothing is going to affect your 200/200 deathball, but hybrids come the closest.

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