How make a tank then sigetank?

how make a tank then sigetank ?
please help … what i need to make a tank on wings of liberty sarcraft 2.
then make sige tank please ?
thansk bless

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clik tank sige then becom sigetank ur welcom


If you play Wings of Liberty campaign, Siege Tank technology is locked behind particular number of missions (you must go on planet Xill to unlock it).

If you play versus / custom/ ladder / whatever, you must

Build Barracks ----> Get gas ----> Build Factory -----> Build Tech lab as Factory’s attachment ----> press Siege Tank’s icon in Factory to queue it -----> Make sure you have enough supply (build supply depots) ----> After Siege Tank is completed, it has a free ability you may use anytime that allows it to enter siege mode.


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hoooooo ???
thats why i can not see tanks to build thanks a lot really thanks !!!