How is anyone handling Lurker / Hydra?

What sort of compositions and strategies are folks using against lurker / hydra compositions? (obviously there will be a bucket load of lings running around as well).

I’m doing okay in most matches against Z unless they get lurkers while keeping around half of their hydras (thus denying air). At which point they basically have invisible tanks and can burrow so quickly that they can even take apart tank lines with ease. “But tanks outrange lurkers” isn’t a valid answer because lurkers require detection when they’re burrowed and have enough health to eat the first tank volley and then shred my position. Tanks also can’t chase lurks because the lurks can just run back, borrow, kill half your army in 1 volley, rinse, repeat.

I’ve tried switching into ranged liberator, but that generally costs too much / takes too long. It also seems like bio switch can work depending on the map, but if they’re pushing through chokes (like the ramp between the natural and 3rd on Eternal Empire) it seems like there’s nothing Terran can do. I like raven play, but again - if they keep even just a half-dozen hyrdras that pretty much denies that (or banshees, or BCs etc)

I feel liberators are an appropriate answer, but having scans available is very important. But most often I’m on tank thor and positioning is key. Thor because vipers but also they can do some tanking for the tanks (yes that is a sentence I just typed). I wonder if it comes down to your position and control, do you have a replay?


Tank + liberator is my suggestion though. Tanks make quick work of hydras who come in range, whereas liberators can either hit hydras / lurkers if they have vision.

Actually, making a lurker costs more resources and time. If you are not getting enough liberators, it may mean that you are overspending on your other units. This will probably lead to a question of how resource efficient have you been using your army because a T bio is very, very cost efficient if used properly against the Z. Plus, you don’t exactly need tonnes of liberators too. :slight_smile: