How do you win against Terran?

I just played a game where my opponent was Terran player, who did nothing but mass widow mines around his base, make every expo a planetary fortress on top of placing a crap ton of missile turrets everywhere, now keep in mind I am a Gold1 toss player, and just want to know how to play against something like that? as what it came down to was him turtling and then maxing out on bc’s, effectively I couldn’t do anything cuz If I went in to clean up his base, his missile turrets would kill my observers, therefore allowing the widow mines to kill the rest of my army. I am still fairly new to toss so any help would be great!

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This is a classic turtle terran, and they can be very hard to defeat if you aren’t used to it. If you were in higher league you’d want to control his bases before he expands and gets to mass BC by constant counter aggression.

At your league, what you want to do is ignore him and expand yourself. Get to 4 maybe 5 bases, and MAX OUT on Tempest. Also get a few cannons and batteries in your main mineral line and some stalkers at the begining for when he teleports in your main. Keep your observers on follow mode on tempest. You will clean his bases up, and Tempest will also completely Own BCS.

Focus on Macro tho at your league. Don’t try to get too tricky and drop his main with like 2 warp prism. Good luck.