How do you bind warp in to a key?

Watched a few hotkey videos, but I can’t figure out how to warp in units using a key. I bound the AI ability button to T. But when I hold down T to warp in units, it only warps in one, then stops. Anyone know what’s going on?

I also noticed that when I warped in Templar, which is T, I could then mass warp in. However I can’t change everything to alternative T, so I’m not sure how its done.

Anyone suggestions? Thanks

Lol, warp in command needs to have shift held down for multiple units, whereas holding T down effectively casts warp in and selects high Templar simultaneously, creating a rapid fire effect for that unit. Hold shift for multiple units of a single type and maybe move warp in command to another key besides T


There are always 3-4 clicks as mentioned before (after you selected your warp gates, select the desired unit, then hold down shift and warp in with t).
You can edit the hotkey file - there are a lot of videos about rapid fire.

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Edit the notepad in the game directory to add multiple keys for rapid fire. Also include mouse hover. That way you hold shift+“T” while moving the mouse to give room to warp in

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Hi guys, you are all wrong…

In-game save your hotkeys then go to:
C:\Users\yourPC\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\some numbers\Hotkeys\ and here edit the file you just saved filename.SC2Hotkeys

I am using the “grid profile hotkey” so in the file I have added all the buttons like this:

What does it mean for you?
Examples below:

Now you can warp all units by holding the button only. You dont need Shift for warping anymore.
Select all warp gates and then move mouse + hold “E” to warp stalkers.

Select probe then
“Y” Warp in Structure
“E” Warp in Pylon
if you press “E” again it will place the pylon. So you dont need to use Left-click.

Select High Templar
press “X” to select the ability “Psionic Storm”
press “X” again to use the ability “Psionic Storm” So you dont need to use Left-click.

etc :slight_smile:

I just switched to the grid, and when I did that the warp units still works, but the rapid fire building build does not. When I hold E or W, it will hold position or stop the probe. Did you ever have this problem, and if so do you know how to fix it?

Hi, it is because the rapid fire is working only for units not for buildings.

For buildings it does not work that way. However something to notice below.

“Y” Warp in Structure
“E” Warp in Pylon
if you press “E” again it will place one pylon. So you dont need to use Left-click.

“Y” Warp in Structure
“E” Warp in Pylon
Hold “Shift” and then if you hold “E” + move the mouse it will place multiple pylons. So you dont need left-click(s).

This is what you are looking for but you need hold “Shift”… And from my experience this is not a good way to build. I prefer do it with Left-click.

“Y” Warp in Structure
“E” Warp in Pylon
if you press “E” again it will place one pylon.
If you press “E” again before the pylon is placed the probe will be on hold position and the pylon will be not placed.

Have a good day :slight_smile: