How do you all drop HT out of your prism?

I’ve found a lot more success with Colossi and Disruptors lately as my HT control just sucks I guess. I was wondering what you guys do? I’m about 4.1k at the moment and I find that my storms never do quite enough if I can even get them off. Do you guys drop all your HT? Like d click on the prism or do you only drop a couple at a time? Idk, anyone finding a lot of success in PvT with HT and if so, can you give me some tips?

Im 3.6 mmr dia 2, so maybe at your higher level it wont apply.Having said that, me personally i usally try to change the splash dmg, keep Terran scum offguard. So i start with collosus, if they see them, i try to swtich to storm asap, then back to collosus etc.
So yea playing that way i seem to land plenty of good storms.I dont even use a storm prism, my micro sucks to much. I just try to have HTs in 2 groups trailing behind the army, Terrans will usually hit emp as soon as they see the army, missing at least part of the HTs.