How do I use biles instead of morphing more ravagers?

When is the moment when using biles is more important than morphin more ravagers?
(grid hotkey layout)
Do I forget to switch control groups right after the ravagers finish? Do I have to double-click / ctrl-click the first ravagers I morph to use biles ONLY instead of morphing more ravagers and then I can just use the control group + bile hotkey?

Hmm I can’t remember the layout but from what I recall, the hotkeys are:

C / B - bile (can’t remember)
V - morph ravagers

I’d suggest considering using hotkeys instead. :slight_smile:

When your Roach and Ravager are both selected, Tab switches between subgroups.

Shift-Tab will switch in reverse order. (useful when you have many unit types in the same selection)

You can also set unit selection priority in options.

Eg: normally Viper is first selected after selecting a group of units, you can change that to put Infestor first.

Ok - so it’s even worse.
When you have lings, ravagers and roaches in a control group, morphing more ravagers or banes is more important than using biles.
So I guess, I’ll have to put the ravagers in a seperate control group and kinda treat them like infestors with an auto-attack.

It’s kind of like you want to use storm but then you morph archons instead. -.-

Lol. Idk why everyones obsessed with archons when you have storm tech right there.