How do I report bugs with the Editor?

I tried to start up the editor but the settings dialog box is scrunched that loads and asked you whether you want classic or modern settings. I tried to adjust the window to see everything but some areas of the dialog box cannot be resized.


Welcome to the SC2 Editor Dialog box -> I can’t even read or resize it’s just too small or the okay button.

Choose Default Controls Dialog box -> I can’t resized the classic/modern selection, applied settings or the okay button

What is the optimum display resolution to run this editor?

This url in the tool no longer connects to this page,

Does this page still exist? I tried to key it into the url but page referred back to main page here,

did u find the answer? because i have the same problem…

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Sorry for the delay. Everyone keeps redesigning their site layouts and I missed this.
No it has not been resolved.

Aww back when the staff was reading our bug list about the editor.

Old times…

I posted issues on Lowko’s twitter feed and bug was fixed with Kerrigan within 24 hours.

I should use Twitter now :confused:

Lol but I wonder if they would be willing to read my full list of editor bugs. Fixing data is something, fixing hard coded stuff is something else.

I’m glad you got a response from them anyway, you might be the only guy who made it this far lately. Unfortunatly, I don’t see myself posting all my stuff on twitter, the guy will just tell me to lay off, since I have a huge list of editor bugs. These forums don’t feel to be read by any devs members anymore, that seek to fix anything.

I’ve posted some bugs and they get fixed. Either your bugs are deep but I think they do read them if you post in the right area but the Editor I have not visited since this post was created.

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If I may ask you, could you send him to this link?

I made this thread a long time ago and it is a huge pool of editor bugs, validated with veteran mapsters. They may justify my lack of knowledge on certain points, but for what’s truly broken, it is still a very relevant source of tested bugs.

A lot of people report smalls bugs here and there and it’s often small data inconveniance. In my case, it is a lot of hard coded functionalitlies that are simply wrong.