How do I leave a clan and remove the clan handle?

This game is starting to feel like SWTOR.

I had a “friend” player send me a clan invite. The friend was just a random player I saw regularly in the game and we friended each other.

My handle was Resident #1508 but now it’s “FCTR” Residentx #1508.

How do I remove the “FCTR”

I left the clan but the handle prefix remains.


Edit: I can’t post hyperlinks anymore…

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I’ve updated my post. I can’t post anything with unique keys or hyperlinks.

Game Master removed me from the clan…what an awful feature.
No more friends for me, lol.

“Raise Shields…standby all weapons!”

All you did was leave the chat channel. You have to click the actual groups button (the button to the right of your friends list). This is where you leave a clan or group my right clicking it in this menu and clicking “leave clan/group”


Thanks for the reply, StillFly. I’m sorry for the late response. I liked your post.

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This. Thank you. I just had this problem, was invited by some random user to a clan and thought it was a game invite.