How do I create a custom map with campaign units and play against the AI on it?

I have what I hope is an easy question (although I can’t seem to figure it out for the life of me, thus why I’m asking it here).

I want to take an existing Blizzard-created map, load it into the SCII editor, enable all the campaign units (Terran, Zerg and Protoss) for the map, save is under whatever new name, and then play against the AI on the saved map. How do I do that?

Specifically, I have run into the following roadblocks attempting to do this:

  1. I can’t figure out how to select a map when playing a custom game against the AI. How do I do this from the game menu?
  2. How do I know which maps are Blizzard-created and ladder-approved? Also, how do I load those maps into the SCII editor? Where are they saved by default in Windows 10?
  3. Playing around with the editor, I found that I could access campaign units by going to File > Dependencies, and then clicking on the campaigns I want to load. If I want to add campaign units to an existing map, do I just load the existing map into the editor, enable the dependencies, and then resave the map under a new name? Will that, for example, allow me to build the Firebat from the Terran barracks on the new map?

Thank you.

I’m afraid you’re greatly underestimating the difficulty of using the editor, especially for what you want, but maybe I’m being pessimistic.

1.Not sure I understand the question, so two different answers:

  • To play a relatively custom map, you go either in melee or arcade.
  • To play a map you edited yourself, either you must run it from the map editor, or publish it on Blizzard servers to be able to run it from the game

2.In the game you can filter to only see Blizzard maps, or in the editor picking “Blizzard” as the source.
While the maps may be considered “downloaded”, they’re initially not anywhere you can get from on your computer, you must load them in the editor (often after logging in), then save the map somewhere from the editor.