How do I beat this zerg cheese?


The Zerg puts a hatchery in my natural. Marines alone can’t kill it quick enough. If I send 10 scv’s to attack the hatch he will cancel it, run away, and I would take the bigger economic hit.

My normal build order was disrupted but not too bad. I couldn’t clean up the stealth creep tumors in order to get a normal expand. I made too many tanks and not enough hellions, and got killed moving out. That was a little sloppy, but even if I microed better I might have lost.

I know his base is very weak. But if I did manage a medivac drop or hellion runby, I wouldn’t have the numbers to waste him before he can produce enough zerlings.

I’m gold league so leading with a raven is a good way to lose. Maybe just maybe, a bunker next to his hatchery would save me.

I’m not the best person to talk to, I’m a diamond zerg with little terran experience.

That said I think your response is correct, you just need to optimize it. Get your cc on the high ground as soon as possible and rush out a tank to defend and to clear the hatch. I think you should be hitting his hatch with a tank around the time he puts down the first tumor.

Okay, to beat this cheese, build CC on the high ground and build some bunkers on the low ground… He may be going for spine rush / proxy hatch cheese. Don’t send scvs to attack. Reaper into more marines, not a core so you can get more units out.

Use the reaper to check how hard they are committing to this cheese. Check for tech, a 3rd, etc. If they are committing, if it’s roaches, go banshee tank, if it’s ling bane, tanks or widowmine or just reinforcing will help. It depends on your opponent but I hoped this help.

I agree this is very annoying cheese - especially with the “backward creep” you mention.

The best counter I saw in a high-level game Winter cast was to drop a bunker right next to the hatch and put marines in it, while building your second CC nearby on the low ground.

Zerglings will do jack. you may be able to kill a queen as it spawns if you have enough marines also, before it can spread much creep. if u let queens run riot the backward creep spread really slows your expansion & it’s tough to catch up.

The issue is that Terran is so used to playing greedy from previous expansions, and patches that Terran players need to understand now that if other races (including Terran) is doing these sort of tactics is that you either play with the risk of being behind, super behind or straight up lose. Workers have 5 Attack for a reason and if you aren’t going to use whatever is available in your arsenal then just continue doing what you are doing if it works for you, but if not it is time to change it up homeboi.