How can we still not have a fix for this after 5 years?

It’s literally perplexing.

EU was plagued w/ this problem from 2010-2015, then somehow it migrated over to the NA server for the last 5 years.

Seriously blizzy quit being lazy and at the very least make your ladder/match making somewhat tolerable.

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Yes, it’s time to fix the MMR issue.

Because one is simple value changes to a standalone mod that loads evertime a game is created. Anyone that knows how to use the editor can do it. The other is progamming changes to backend binaries that require actual coders and development level staff.

Look at the several coop patches that came out. The changes were ALL made by one player… not staffer… player who just sent them to blizzard. Blizzard then just copy and pasted them into the coop mod.

So yeah, two different universes, and for a game that been out of development for several years.

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