How are swarm hosts?

I’ve been out of the Starcraft 2 loop for a long while and I’m curious as to how the Swarm Host has changed and where they fit in the Zerg army. Are they siege units again, or are they still strange, gimmicky harassers? Are they something else now?

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I mean they’ve always been an imbalanced siege unit as far as I know since 2018. It’s just you don’t see a lot of Terran mech nowadays, and the Zergs don’t want to kill Protoss with swarm hosts every game. That’s why they aren’t as hyped up in the current meta, though they are still used, especially in 4v4 with noobs.

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Some players use them to containt Mech Terrans on a low number of bases, if you succeed on keeping the Terran with a significant lower army supply then they can work well. But They are very risky.

Against Protoss you can sometimes see a push with Roach SwarmHost, but again, very risky considering the current meta (all sky all day).

Personally, I lost every single game I’ve tried them on, but I haven’t tried that much.


They are a good close out unit if you are already ahead.