How about an "attack workers" button

It’s like attack move, but it prioritizes workers instead of attacking units. It’s awkward having to hold position with lings or having to overkill a worker, just because there’s a cannon or queen around messing with the target priority.

They really shouldnt do anything to make zerg army control easier


Please no. It should be obvious that this is a bad idea, but Blizzard has recently added a redundant and obnoxious countdown timer to waste everyone’s lives so they might also follow through with this also terrible idea.

But it would be a huge nerf to zerg in general no? Imagine adepts, dts and oracles automatically going for workers…thats something even i dont want to have because its too powerful.


This just might be one of those ideas that is so bad, that whiners and non whiners from all 3 races will band together and tell you no.

I thank you for being the unifying martyr.

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It’s bad for all 3 races. Terrans will have an easier time with drops prioritizing worker kills. Protoss will have an easier time with zealot/adept runbys. Zerg will a move ling/bane even more. One particular example I can think of right away that will break things is adept allins. The reason why it can still be pulled off is through out maneuvering and drone targeting. Just imagining that being more automatic is a big yikes.

Yeah… That’s a no from me…

I think taking the time to set up attack priority for units would be a cool feature for a game, but not starcraft. Ling run by, zealot run by, drops, dts would all be easier but unnecessarily so. I like the idea of targeting the closest combat unit, no AI prioritizing which takes agency from the player and lowers the skill floor to be competitive.
Just my two cents

It’s gonna be a no from me dawg.

Making the ‘just massacre workers’ aspect of SC2 even more prominent is not a good idea.

So no.

Naw, that’s not a good idea. Hold position is sufficient