HotS Rendezvous and Planetfall help

Hi it’s me again, the guy who had trouble with the Purifier mission before. So I’ve completed 100% achievement for LotV and Nova Covert Ops, and I’m doing the achievements for HotS right now. I’m kinda stuck on the mastery achievement for Rendezvous (Premature Evacuation) and Planetfall (Crash The Party), I’ve been watching all kinds of youtube tutorial videos but it seems like their play through has lesser enemy than mine, and my base get attack by larger and more advanced units compared to their videos… If they (blizzard) has changed the difficulty, I feel like I’m now doing brutal instead of hard, has anyone completed these two achievements lately? Any tips are appreciated.

Premature Evacuation is actually one of the most difficult things in HotS. But it isbpurely question of macro. Outside of that just an a-move.

Use control groups, be efficient. Stuff like that.

But yeah, it’s been years since I did it.

I’m actually playing from the master archive, I think it was bugged because I was playing on brutal even though I chose hard. Decided to do a run for brutal Rendezvous first then try again on hard, voila, those thors defending the enemy base are gone, that means there shouldn’t be any thors on hard Rendezvous.

Maybe I should submit a bug report.

Or maybe you missclicked. Been there myself.

As for Planetfall, there are a lot of relatively thinly defended bases that will cost a decent chunk of units to fight through, but won’t cost anything to demolish with a Kerrigan with good sustain. From there, your unit options are pretty open, but I think your best options are to rush out Brood Lords Impalers, or just HARD commit to the way of the ultralisk. Also, there are some missile turrets around the edge of the map, you will either need air units or raptor lings to get those, though I would recommend raptorlings as the slightly superior ling for achievement hunting either way.

Swarmling with Metabolic Boost man. Terrifying sight.

Ultimately because a pair of raptorlings has similar dps to 3 swarm lings, but for less supply and the same mineral cost, their real advantage is their speed morph. With achievement hunting, you usually want to be more planning ahead than playing reactive.

Also, metabolic boost is always terrifying, despite the obvious temptation of adrenal raptorlings for their bazillions dps.

It’s a known bug. ——

Premature evacuation was hard. I had to literally pause the game every 10 seconds to copy the tutorial.

Planet fall I don’t remember. I did probably follow the video I found, but it was mostly Kerri solo. Probs w babes or hydras