Help with Time is Money achievement

Is it in the first 3 minutes of the mission? Can it be done at any time during the mission as long as it is within 3 minutes from the first resource pick up?? Any tips or advice on how to go along this is appreciated.

Yeah, it’s the first three minutes of the mission (including the seconds wasted with Kerrigan).
I did it in several playthroughs:
1st – find out where the pickups are located to devise a plan on how to get them;
2nd – try the plan and analyse where it can be faster;
3rd – make it work!

For me this was:
0) start the viking training;

  1. send one marine to get the upper leftmost pickups;
  2. send one marine to get the bottom leftmost pickups and those below Artanis base;
  3. send two marines to get the pickups from below Zagara’s base (one aimed for the leftest ones and one for the top and rightest. The latter is a suicidal mission so prepare to cry over the brave marine);
  4. the first viking flies to get the bottom island pickups and then flies to get those on 2 o’clock. As the first viking exits the starport the second one is being trained;
  5. the second viking collects the pickups from the top island and then flies to get the hidden pickups from to the top of Raynor’s base.

I may have forgotten something but these were the key moments of my plan, and it worked nicely. The master achievement – that was the real pain of the mission!


No kidding. All right I’ll give it a shot now. I tried vikings and land units running all over the map, land units and 1 or 2 medivacs. I even got reapers on my last try because they can get the 2 hidden beyond Zagara’s base hitting the eastern wall and escape with their lives!

All right so I got it finally but I didn’t get the box to pop up. Confirmed in the Achievement menu though.


Ditto. I kept thinking I didn’t get the achievement, but I looked in the achievement menu, and there it was.

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For future reference, the achievement “Time is Money” is a 10th Anniversary achievement in the mission “Essence of Eternity” of the Legacy of the Void campaign, more accurately the 2nd mission of the “Into the Void” epilogue mission.

The stupidest achievement task I have ever faced in SC since WoL. Still trying but thanks for the advices

Like a couple others mentioned, be sure to check the achievement after each run. It seems that the notification doesn’t pop up on the screen as soon as you get it.

I ran that mission over and over, probably 10 times, only to realize I had already gotten it.

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Thanks for reminding me Leviathan, I will check it this evening. Cheers man :wink: