Help Creating My First Mod!

Noob here recently discovered the Editor, and would LOVE some assistance in creating a mod that I can use in the Melee game mode. I have ZERO knowledge in using Editor, and taking the time to learn it seems extremely daunting for what I think should be a fairly simple request.

I want to create a mod that offers the following features:

  1. 3x Harvest Rate Amount per Worker
  2. Unlimited Resources
  3. Unlimited Supply Limit
  4. Quick Worker Spawn and Workers Don’t Add to Supply Limit

From my understanding, this is done through the use of “Triggers” of different events, but that’s as far as my knowledge goes. If someone has created something like this before, I’d love a tutorial and hope it helps others in the future. I used the search for things like “unlimited” and “resources” already, but didn’t find anything, plus I don’t think it would really help me as a complete noob with Editor.

This can actually be done from data only. Anyhow, you want the “the community” that will help you, here’s the discord:

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