Having issues with forcing races

I’m in the middle of a WC3/SC2 hybridization project, but I’m coming up against a snag. I’m trying to force player 1 to spawn as terran (with the night elf archer replacing the marine), but even though I have Terran marked in the player properties, player 1 always seems to spawn as a orc instead. Why is this? And are there workarounds or fixes?

Check the game variant to see if that’s also set to Terran.

I’m currently using default variants.
Oddly, when I load the map in the actual custom games tab, it’s forcing random races.

Huh. Somehow, the game ended up being locked to using WC3 races only. That might be the problem.

Following up on that, I’m assuming it’s related to the WC3 systems dependency.

How would I go about fixing this? My plan was for the players to select between hybridized Terran, Zerg, and Protoss, but this seems to put a damper in my plans.

After further testing, Issue is directly with Warcraft 3 Classic Systems.
Loading warcraft 3 art and warcraft 3 data dependencies are fine. it’s the systems dependencies that screw things.

I don’t know if this is the best solution, but it is a potential work around.

Under “Map” there are game variants, and game attributes. We’re going to hide the natural race selection, create our own, then use triggers to make stuff happen based on the new race.

  1. Hiding the natural race selection
    Go to Game Variants. Uncheck the box in the bottom left that says “Use Default Variants”. Click Add. Go to the player attributes tab. Under hidden attributes, click the race box.

  2. Create our own race attribute.
    Go to game attributes. Click the add button. Change it to a player type, name it race, give it a descriptions. Change Usage tab stuff as you see fit, or leave it as be. Under values, you’ll need to add each race. You’ll need to set a default in the default tab. Back in Game variants, you can go to the player attributes tab, click on individual players and set this new race as you see fit, and lock it as well if you want.

  3. Triggers
    Use the condition “Attribute Player Value” to discern between players as needed and do actions based on that.